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After you loved it last week: Here is to another one! Great PlugIns, fantastic gear and….

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Mike Andersen

20 Years at one single station! 20 years rocking OZ with funny, creative and awesome Imaging – Is this possible?

Clearly, YES!

In September, it’s Sidey’s  20th year at Triple M in Sydney. Wow! 2o Years guys!!!! So, this anniversary is worth another interview with one of the guys I admire the most in our business – for his creativity, for his unique imaging style and also for his incredible VO skills. Learn about Sidey’s new arsenal of plugINs, listen to his recent highlights and much more – Enter Sidey:

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Fiver Friday Header II

Hey guys,

I want to try something new every Friday, the Fiver Friday. If you like it,  I will  to do this every Friday from now on. Fiver Friday is 5 things I loved, discovered, played around or just want to share this particular week. Let me know what you think!

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H-Review Header

I’m sure you know the Hybrid Series from Waves and maybe you’ve heard of its latest addition: H-Reverb!

I’m a big fan of H-Delay, so I was thrilled when I heard that Waves added this new reverb to their catalogue. Today I want to give you an overview how this plugin works and how you can pimp your production with it.

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Die Drei Musketiere Header

I love layering sounds and also as you all I love layering voice tracks. This is a short post about the plugINs I use the most for layering at the moment.

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Dan Harper Header II
Radio One in Lebanon is using our CHR Library Clique, which is a full blown, super energized CHR imaging pack. Dan Harper reached out and send us some of the Imaging he came up with.
We were hyped up, by the energy and overall sound and reached out to Dan to check on his background, his story and what radio is up to in the Middle East. Enter Dan

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In Episode 6, the bonus round of ‘Creatives In Bars With Coffee’ Tim Zunckel, Rob Cressman and Gillette give us their 5 tips and ideas how to improve as radio imagers – from today on! This is the last Episode from Matt’s video series for now and we want to thank him for putting so much effort and energy into this great project!

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Today I am more than proud to announce benztown teamed up with one of my all time favorites Jeff Schmidt. (btw..You got a benztown like german name, bro:))Alien_Benztown

What does this mean for you as a blog reader:

More info, more tricks, maybe some nice little video tutorials by Jeff himself and this very soon!

For your station:

a)If you are a benztown library client already you will have access to Jeff’s amazing back catalogue on All the great stuff from Fuse Reloader to Warp….

b)The brand new quarterly updated Killer Service AI available for solid hard cash and also for the first time Alien Imaging FX craziness for barter!


The Alien has landed!!!

— Andy



Creatives in Bars with Coffee

Why do Imaging people do not become Program Directors? Are creative people in general not suited for such a job? And are they more a kind of background players?
In Episode 5 of ‘Creatives In Bars With Coffee’ Tim Zunckel, Rob Cressman and Gillette answer these questions from their point of view.

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Foley Doc Kickstarter Header

Hi, it’s Max. One of my jobs during my three year apprenticeship at the benztown studios, is to record and edit the SFX for our Imaging libraries.
Doing this for some years now, I realized that performance is one of the most important factors for creating nice and authentic sound effects. And when it comes to performance, a type of film post production guys are masters in this craft: Foley Artists. Foley is often underestimated and kept behind the scenes, but a small crew of filmmakers now want to change this fact. Lalo Molina and his fellows are shooting a documentary about the people whose job it is to bring films sonically to life.

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