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I met Kike through my old friend Raul a lot of you guys might remember him. Kike is based in Madrid (but is  a big fan of Barca) and images a Rock station called Rock FM. Check Kike’s Audio example, production tricks, screen caps and learn how to rock Spain! Read the rest of this entry »

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The WOW2 by Sugar Bytes is one oft he most powerful filter plugins I ever worked with! I saw this PlugIn on a lot of EDM music production sites and thought, maybe this could be a useful tool for radio imaging too – and baaam! IT REALLY IS. Check out how you can treat drums, synths and FX with that small, red bundle of energy! Read the rest of this entry »

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Last week I met Terry on twitter, we started chatting, he sent me some pieces of his work and now I am gonna interview him here… Terry  works for CBS and handles imaging for 99.5WYCD / 104.3 WOMC. If you work in the Country or Classic Hits Format you have to read this, if not: you have to read it, too as Terry gives us some great insight how he handles Country and Classic Hits imaging in Detroit, shares awesome PlugIn Presets, Screen Caps, Studio Pics and much more….
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You know at Benztown we do a lot of Jingles and Oli and I come from the jingle creation and music side of things, so my question today is hard for me to answer in an objective way as I want to scream JINGLES – YES, you need it…

I love them, but….I am sure not all of you have the same opinion, so what do you think:

- Which stations do need JINGLES?
- Which stations don’t and why?

Cant wait to read your comments!

ps. Check Oli’s pics on FB from our last recording sessions in Moscow. Europa Plus “Brigada U 2014″ to come….


Today JAN will share one of his hottest Pro Tools shortcut tricks for faster Automation with you:

Automation `Till You Die – Or The Easiest Way To Write Fast Automations

Pro Tools got a lot of shortcuts. You can set a shortcut for everything you want to
and there are a lot of standards pro tools delivered.

There are two cool short cuts to automate your plug ins:

  • First open the plug in and then hold ctrl + cmd + alt and click on the parameter you want to write a automation.
  • Then a little drop down menu is dropping. Select Enable Automation for “…“


  • Now you can write a automation for this parameter.
  • If you now hold ctrl + cmd and click again on the parameter pro tools will opening the automation curve.

With this two cool shortcuts it is very easy and very fast to write some automations.

Thanks to Jan Brückner for sharing!
If you also have a audio hack or Pro-Tipp to show off on our Imaging Blog. Send us a mail:

Today I am proud to introduce you to our latest addition to the the benztown Imaging Roster – Gary McClenaghan. Gary is from cold Canada and works for Bell Media in Edmonton overseeing 3 stations. His demo blew me away, big rock sound, creative and… but judge yourself.
Check my interview with Gary below, learn his tricks and check more audio and screen shots.
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Two weeks ago, we went out to record some SFX at the airport Stuttgart – thanks to the Stuttgart airport team for making that possible! It was not that easy to capture clean and constant sound on location, so we used the award-winning RX3 by iZotope to improve our recordings. Check out this amazing noise reduction and restoration tool and how it takes your SFX to another level… Read the rest of this entry »

This is a very personal post and a manifesto for Jingles as I hear more and more often we dont need Jingles, Jingles are old school, jingles are….

I see it totally different! I worked with so many stations in different countries and I can say great Jingles help big times to brand your station and in some markets they are key and a crucial part of the massive success.

Going away from RADIO, think Coke without CANT BEAT THE FEELING, Mentos without Fresh Goes Better and…

As I am sure you just dont want my opinion…plsease do em a favor: Remember 3 songs / tracks / melodies / pieces of music from the times you were young…..NOW!
If not at least 1 is a brand melody / jingle – I LOOSE!!!! Period!

Have a nice weekend!


We discovered this plugIN on Dave Pensado’s blog a while ago, and Kush Audio was so nice to send us a PlugIN version to play around with. We used it mainly on Synths to showcase how bright, open, tight and present the sound gets with it. For all the Radio Imaging guys out there, my recommendation is put it on your final mix or test it on your VO….

Listen to the differences with these synth lines:


Learn more about the PlugIN specs and how it works here….

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Schermafbeelding 2014-04-28 om 19.27.05

I bet some of you have already seen the announcement of this event in Amsterdam on the 8th and 9th of September. The lineup sounds promising and Anthony Timmers and his crew host some great speakers including Benztown imaging brigade member and format director for Avalanche James Stodd, my old friend Sion Mumford  and not to forget one of the best guys in the business – former BBC1 head of Station Sound Dan Mumford. A few days ago I spoke to Anthony about the event. Read the full interview below… Read the rest of this entry »