That’s it guys, just one more week and one more Fiver Friday to go for this year,  before we officially take some time off. YEAHHHH!

For us, and probably many of you, it’s an important time to take things into consideration, set new goals, come up with new ideas and evaluate the year that just passed. Did we achieve our goals in 2017 ? What went right, what went wrong? Where are we heading in the next year ? 

But before we all do that and take this well deserved time off with friends and family, have a look at the second last Episode of the Fiver Friday of 2017!


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First things first: I am sorry for the delay of this post. Under all the christmas pressure and some huge projects we have to finish before this year ends,  I had to turn  the #FreePluginMonday into a #FreePluginWednesday! But to make up with you guys I show you THREE great FREE Plugins today!! Wich are all easy to get HERE at Klanghelm!

Klanghelm is a small company based in Germany. Tony Frenzel is the guy behind Klanghelm, he is  a man with passion for everything what is related to music. He created some really affordable, warm sounding and highly flexible Plugins that you can get around 20 bucks. 

He also offers three junior versions of the three best Plugins in his portfolio for FREE! Today I want to show you the MJUCjr, the junior version of the Klanghelm MJUC. A really handy compressor with some nice 60s vintage character.

Tony Frenzel is not about to emulate existing analog gear, but creates what sounds good to his ears, something that “stands on its own feet sound-wise”

The Klanghelm MJUCjr is a tuby, very soft and gentle reacting compressor, which can also pump really hard when you crank up the Compression Knob a little bit. And next to the Make-Up Gain there is just a three way switch with FAST, for fast attack and release, SLOW, for slow attack and release and AUTO, for fast attack and automatic release. So it can easy lead you to good results. 

Following i put the compressor on some drum track. For that i used the FAST mode. In the first track you will hear eight bars of the dry drum sound. On the second track i put some gentle compression on it and on the third track i compressed the drums quite hard.

Also go ahead and check out the other two Klanghelm Juniors, a saturation driver and another great compressor. All 3 for FREE!


Merry Christmas guys! 

I just want to use this special time of the year to say thank you. Thanks for your support, for your love for our craft, for your dedication. Writing this blog with more than x posts was not always easy, but it feels so good after doing this for so many years now, because I still get messages from people saying thanks and that we are inspiration for them. This makes it totally worth doing!

Sure it can be stressful sometimes, between all the deadlines, business appointments, productions to finish, but I love it and I LOVE YOU.

Merry Christmas and have a great time with your friends and family!

Andy and all your friends at Benztown!


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Gavan, long time no talk, what happened since we spoke last? I bet a ton 🙂 Let us know…

I think the last time we talked, I had just had my little guy and he was hangin’ out in the newborn intensive care unit. Now he’s sitting next to me pushing buttons and driving me nuts! I’m also doing a lot more creatively within iHeart Salt Lake City now. I’m producing spots, helping with station launch imaging in smaller markets, and writing creative campaigns occasionally. It’s a lot of work, but it’s cool to be branching into every aspect of the production department. 

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Free PlugIn Monday – How to create a monster Sound for Free?

Posted: 4th December 2017 by benztownbranding in Uncategorized

Hey guys, this is the benztown way of saying thanks for a fantastic year, for great imaging and awesome support.

Every Monday we will feature a few nice freebies from the “Internets” and  of course, check them for you. I can tell you, there is some awesome free SH** out there. Enjoy the first ever edition of Free PlugIn Monday!

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Winter has come to town people!

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It has been ages since we have done our first interview and while we created the latest Europa Plus package I had some time to catch up with Sergey. We were chatting about the unbelievable ratings of Europa Plus, new challenges, new findings and of course the new package we created. Sergey still runs the imaging department at Europa Plus. He recently started working together with 3 new producers and creates “Larger Than Life” Imaging for Russia’s No1 Stations. Enjoy my conversation with Sergey!

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Happy Thanksgiving folks!
I am really thankful for you! Enjoy your Turkey and the downtime with your families. Here are this weeks goods!


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Black Friday is THE DAY for shopping of any kind. And thanks to online shopping, you can take advantage of theses great offers and discounts from all around the world. Isn’t that awesome ?!

So, as always we were checking out our favorite Audio Companies to see which deals we might be missing out on.
In the process, we put together a list to also give YOU an overview of the the best deals we could find.

Check it out, go nuts!


• iZotope

various savings and discounts on their best products

updated weekly through the year

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Here we go with Nr. #112 Ladies and Gents…

It’s been a busy week!! But if you have a harp player in the studio and the Christmas bed production is running, you take the opportunity to calm yourself, listen to something relaxing and make a Fiver Friday 😉

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