It was such a fantastic week and I am so happy my homie Kevin from our LA office was here and we had time to hang out, talk about imaging jack , sports, photo and also he liked our german cuisine, especially the beer :)…

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I wanted to know what you want more of on the blog. And you gave a very clear answer: Video Tutorials!

While we are fighting which should be the topic of the first new video, I wanted to give you the hook up on the material which is already out there. Good for beginners to start with, but maybe also worth for experienced imagers and pros to check it out! Here’s a list of the best video tutorials we did on the blog. Back from 2011 until now. Those are the most watched ones… There’s a bit of nostalgia, right? What an intro: )..what a haircut!!!! Also check our vimeo channel for all videos we’ve done so far. Hopefully we have a new intro soon :)..

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As I promised last week, this week’s Fiver Friday is a bit different. We took a closer look at the Manley VOXBOX. We are lucky enough to have both versions, the original outboard and the UAD version. Oli and I have been always massive fans and it was literally the first output gear we ever purchased. I also know that Harry is a big fan and credits a big portion of his awesome sound to this legendary piece of gear.
So what’s better: Hardware or plugin? That’s a thing which is often questioned nowadays and you can’t really give a simple answer. There are many aspects which make a plugin or hardware valuable to each person. But one big thing you can’t avoid while talking about this topic clearly is THE PRICE! I wanted to know how much sound you get for the price of the plugin compared to the hardware, what is the Pros and Cons for each and what would be my advice if asked…

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In early 2014, when we recorded sports SFX for the Winter Olympics in Sochi, we showed you how to create your own SFX from scratch! Today I want to give you a feeling of how the benztownbranding sports recordings for the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio went down.

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Let’s go for number 51!

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Finding the right reverb is sometimes like searching for gold. You need to get the right sound for the right application. Otherwise it will sound too harsh, muddy or cavy. However, there is no blueprint for this. You have to try different devices and check how they affect the sound.

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Give ME more!

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Guys, it is time for me to ask you again..WHAT DO YOU WANT more of on the blog?
For this I created this poll below, pls just click and let me know!

If you have any personal suggestion for a person I should interview, just leave a comment.

Thanks, love you all!

Fiver Friday Header IIWow, Episode 50, I thought I cant do 5… but I am humbled you guys gave me so much great feedback and love that short weekly thing I am doing.
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It has been a long time and no news from our iron imager. So I reached out to this incredibly talented guy down there and we did a little update interview on his new routines, tricks and projects. Check out Sidey’s new PlugIn recommendations, who would be his favorite opponent at Iron Imager 2017 and and and… Read the rest of this entry »

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Hey Guys, I’m back from sweden, had great time there and did not bump into an elk… Puh! Read the rest of this entry »