SO, ready to jump start the weekend!!! Check out Oli‘s favorite PlugIn Combo and MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU!!!

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This was a great one, had so much fun destroying Oli and Jan at Tischfußball and of course also by creating some new awesome Imaging with a PlugIn I have not played around with for a while… MCOMB!

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I was following Yuhashan’s work on Soundcloud for a while and lately I decided to hit him up and learn more about his work for Hitz Fm, his music and… oh man, we clicked right away… 🙂 Yuhashan gave me some background info about his career so far, his education and you can just tell, the guy loves what he does! Check it out!!!

My name is Yuhashan, 29 years old from Malaysia. I am currently based in Malaysia with Hitz FM, working as an audio production engineer for the station. I do Radio Imaging (Images, Sweepers, Power Intros, SFX, Promos, Jingle, Compositions, Mashups, etc…). Education wise, I have a BA (Hons) in Audio Production. I graduated at SAE Singapore which was accredited by Middlesex University. 

I’ve been working at Hitz FM (Number 1 English CHR Station) for 5 years now and I’ve also worked for other stations previously, such as Mix FM (English Hot AC Station), and Lite FM (English AC Station). Besides English Stations, I also oversee and help out on radio productions for THR Raaga (Number 1 Tamil Station). All the stations are under 1 company, Astro Radio, and it’s all based here in Malaysia. 
Besides radio productions, I also compose music and I’ve released a couple of tracks with Hitz FM. My 1st Single “Turkish Delight” was nominated for VIMA Awards Malaysia (Best Hip Hop Song). My 2nd Single “Here Comes The D” reached 100k views in less than 3 days.

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WOW! It’s finally here! The first masterpiece of 2018. I am so thrilled we could finally put this together. One of the best Imaging teams in the world in one interview. Thanks so much to the KIIS crew for taking the time to answer all of my questions and for going far beyond! ENJOY…and learn more about favourite PlugIns, tricks and of course check the latest imaging pieces!

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After an accident – releasing a draft on Tuesday – here is the real deal. I’m really sad I could not attend CRS. From all I’ve seen on socials, it was a blast! I love how much the artists interact with the attendees. A great SHOW!

An event with friends in Music City! #RadioFam

Posted by Benztown Branding on Wednesday, February 7, 2018


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Ahhh. Another week, DONE. And guess what my office life’s been missing out on… 🙂


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Radio (Imaging) – A dream job?

Posted: 31st January 2018 by benztownbranding in Uncategorized

This has always been the case for me, but somehow I feel that the talent pool is drying out more and more. 20 years ago, when I started in the biz, Radio was cool, people wanted to work in radio, become on-air talents, imaging directors or else.
And NOW?
Am I right with my observation, that it’s mainly the same people attending radio trade shows? Am I right, that we get less and less qualified entries for our volunteer/intern program, which has an insane track record, building some of the most talented guys in the radio imaging world? Where is the new exciting and great radio show every one is talking about and and and… The list goes on!
This is all what I’ve heard during the last weeks and months! After getting soaked into this feeling for quite a while, I changed my mind!
IT IS UP TO US to change this again. Let’s find better people, create awesome content that makes an impact and give homework our very best. STOP COMPLAINING ! MAKE GREAT THINGS HAPPEN!

If you are interested, this is on my agenda:

– More blog posts and interviews
– Work more with our interns
– Find great people, who are motivated to engage in imaging (if you are one of them and don’t have the chance to learn this job properly, email me (you can find my contact info on the Benztown website)
– Do more trade shows, excite people with our work

What’s on your agenda?

This week I am writing this little piece of weekly entertainment from Paris! It was a great conference at Le Salon de Radio and I am happy to be back in the city of Paris meeting clients, partners, friends!


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Second week of 2018 and already full steam ahead. I am already looking forward to seeing some of you next week in Paris, France for Le Salon de Radio  and hopefully for some awesome French Imaging discussions :).. For my readers in other parts of the world, I highly recommend to check out the French radio market. Find some of our related work and video material here.

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Even though producing never stops, we took some days off for Christmas and New Years to spend time with our families and are now back on track.

We hope to deliver even more this year building up from a great year 2017. So welcome back guys! 



Not too long ago, iZotope released its brand new Neutron 2, a plugin focusing on analysing, mixing and controlling your spectral balance.

It features the ability to unmask your mix, meaning that it compares two tracks, carving out sonic space by scooping overlapping frequencies.

As always, iZotope delivers with outstanding digital processing and innovation. Check out their website for further information! 












2. Inspiration 

This week’s inspirational section features the VOX youtube channel with their take on N.E.R.D.’s hit song Lemon and where it got its bounce from.

I can only recommend their Earworm playlist for anyone interested in well researched, quality content regarding pop culture.


3. Music

For anyone who missed it, Justin Timberlake just released his new Single Filthy teasering his Man Of The Woods Tour which is just around the corner. 

Check out the corresponding trailer! Shoutout to Justin Case who’s gonna be a first row enthusiast for sure.


4. Web/Social/Whatever

Ever played a song on a pencil? Remember the cantina theme which is stuck in your head since you first watched star wars? 

Combine the two and a girl with too much time on her hands and you get this piece of art which will definitely put a smile on your face!


5. Imaging

The latest from our beloved Iron Imager Brad Leask. Go check it out!


Hope you had a great week and a good start into the new year. 

I’m already looking forward to bringing you the next Fiver Friday soon!