Benztown fans…we hope you enjoyed today’s live stream from WWRS, hosted by the lovely Rachel McGrath! Check out @benztownradio on Periscope if you didn’t catch it earlier. Thanks again for being a part of this year’s Iron Imager contest. The winner will be announced tomorrow at the Industry Awards Luncheon at 1p PT, sponsored by our good friends at Westwood One. We’ll definitely be back on Periscope for that, so tune in!

Now down to business. Below are the 2 final submissions. Your job is to simply choose YOUR favorite!




periscope-iphone6-blog-vote Tomorrow is the day! The Worldwide Radio Summit is finally here. More importantly, it’s almost time for Benztown’s 4th annual Iron Imager contest where imaging gurus Dan Kelly and Sean Galbraith go head to head in an all out battle for the title (and awesome champion belt) of Iron Imager 2015. We’ve got 2 exciting new features for you this year – live streaming AND readers vote!

Want to get in on the action? Benztown will be streaming live from the Roosevelt Hollywood Hotel. All you have to do is download the Periscope App here and follow @benztownradio to get exclusive video and audio of the competition.

Thursday April 23rd, between 11:30a PT and 1:00p PT, keep an eye out for our live stream from #WWRS2015!

AND FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER…we’re welcoming our readers (you guys) into the voting process. That’s right. Who do you think deserves the title? Each of the contender’s final audio pieces will be posted right here on the Benztown Imaging blog by Thursday April 23rd @ 3p PT.iron_imager_logo

PnT Review Header

As radio Imagers, we are all pitchers and shifters! It’s common to adjust the bpm and keys of various songs to do a great beatmix for example. We also like to use pitch shifting for creative effects. For this task it’s necessary to call a good time and pitch manipulation plugin your own. Serato has the reputation for one of the best time-stretching and pitch shifting algorithms wrapped in a plugin (Side Note Andy: I think it is the best).  Enter Serato Pitch n Time Pro:

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As we ramp up for the 2015 Iron Imager contest at the Worldwide Radio Summit, we thought it would be cool this year to share a few submissions that stood out…the “runners-up” as it were. Feel free to comment below, and if you want to get in touch directly with any of these standout audio imaging producers, let us know!

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As you all know by now, the judges have voted, and chosen Sean Galbraith from Z103.5 to touch gloves (scratch that)…touch mouses… against reigning champ Dan Kelly in the 3rd Annual Benztown Iron Imager Contest in Hollywood, California. I got a chance to get to know our competitor a little better and hear how he plans to take the championship belt to Toronto, Canada.

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KRBE Header

I met Freddy last month, while checking the entrys for Iron Imager 2015. Especially for me it is super interesting, because I use KRBE as flagship for our CHR library. I liked his stuff and reached out. Learn about Enigma’s possibilities and why Houston is a great place to work! Enter Freddy:

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This year, we’re allowing our readers to get in on the voting process. Below are the 3 top-voted promos from the First Round. Listen to all 3, then make your selection based on:

  • Overall Presentation
  • Technique
  • Originality




NOTE: The readers’ vote will count collectively as one single vote, and thus be weighted accordingly. This poll will not necessarily decide the outcome of Iron Imager 1025 Round 1.

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As well as most of you, I use Pro Tools Session Templates to get my stuff done. It’s a nice way to save your arrangement in the way you like to work – track arrangement, panning, sizes, color, plugins – you get it.

But have you ever thought about doing this for a plugin chain and whole track of groups? I’m sure you did! Well, a guy from the Pro Tools Experts community, Phillip Nichols, did it as well: he found a way to set up Track Templates. They work similar to Session Templates, but in a smaller way. So this hack allows you to add preset tracks within a session. Isn’t that awesome?

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Flange like a Butterfly. Stutter like a Bee. #IronImager Dan Kelly

It is the 4th anniversary of our Iron Imager contest and this guy is still the reigning champion. On April 23, during the WWRS Dan will be back in LA to defend his belt against YOU! Are you ready? Get all the background info here:

Are you excited to be back in LA?
It’ll be amazing to be back in LA….I’ve only been there a few times and it’s so different than the NY area…And if you’ve seen anything about the damn winter we’ve had in the Northeast…Get me OUTTA here! Sunshine and 80 degrees here I come! Seeing the Benztown crew is always great…and the Radio Summit is pretty cool. I wind up seeing a bunch of people I know and it’s great to see everybody.

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We recently upgraded to Komplete Ultimate 10. With it’s 440GB of content, it’s worth checking out what comes with this bundle. While doing this, I stumbled on a tool again, which really looked interesting to me: Rise&Hit

I heard about its release back in 2014 and by watching the demos and samples, it seemed that it’s made more for cinematic sound effects. Now that I have it in my toolbox with Ultimate 10, I can say: I was wrong. Read the rest of this entry »