Ashley Bard HeaderAs Ive been to London last week to meet my friend and brother in arms Dave Bethell for his birthday bash. While in the UK I listened to the radio a lot, especially to Capital Radio. Ashley Bard and I met for lunch and chatted a bit about radio, imaging and of course his latest work for Capital.

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Pirates Promo Header

Matt Innes stranded at SEA FM on the Gold Cost a couple of months ago. Last week he sent me a note with a really well produced and creative piece of Imaging.

Matt: “Thought I’d share this with you! Pirates of the Caribbean start filming the next movie here on the Gold Coast next week…so I thought we should do a Promotion around that!”

Very simple production techniques, but its creating some fun on air!

This is what production / imaging is about, at least for me. We want to tell a story, catch the attention of the listener, entertain and most importnat brand our station with giving people a fun time. This is what Matt did in this piece. So, what is your take on creative writing and production, especially in the ppm driven Radio World in the US? I, personally would love to see and hear more of this kind of stuff!

Have a great start of the week!


Pro Tools 12 Header

As you guys already know, Avid has just announced two software releases at NAMM 2015: Pro Tools First and Pro Tools 12.

There aren’t that many infos about these new applications out there. So today’s post will have a look on what we already know – and if that really sounds like a must-have.

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KIIS 1011 Header

I met Boz back in 2012, when he sent some amazing stuff for our Iron Imager contest.

Back in the days he and Chris Davis, our HOT AC and Turbulence Imaging Guy, were doing morning show productions for 2Day in Sydney together. Now Boz is overseeing the KIIS brand and helped making the station No1 in Sydney. Recently Boz went from doing monrings to station Imaging and is responsible for the two biggest markets in Australia, Sydney and Melbourne. (Side Note Andy: My old friend and benztown brigade member Mike Santos is now doing mornigs for KIIS in Sydney and will update you guys about his new gig here shortly). But now back to Boz and his incredible carrer.

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Vocoder Header

The original idea behind a vocoder was to code speech for telecommunication transmission in  in the 1930s. Nowadays we use this kind of synthesis as an electronic instrument for audio production, which is an interesting way to pimp your VO. I know a lot of you use vocoders, melodyne, auto tune or else already, so you might be interested in what we do here at Benztown!

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Morning Show Header

Darcy reached out to me a few weeks ago as my good mate Konsky put him into my direction. We started the convo and it turns out, that he is the new Chris Davis, which means he is the new morning show Imaging guy for 2dayFM in Sydney. He has worked along side Chris and Konsky for a year and now is going out there to make his own mark. As the Sydney radio market is one of the most competitive in the world I was interested in the journey of Darcy, as well as how they put together the new morning show imaging for this year. A new show in a very competitive environment… What can be done in terms off differentiation? How can you compete with the morning show legends Kyle and Jackie (who has been on 2DayFM forever and now doing mornings on KIIS). Will Dan and Maz make it to the top? Morning Show Imaging in Oz – Enter Darcy.

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Dom Nero Header

I met Dom a few weeks ago and was blown away from his work on Hot 97! After chatting via email for a few times I found out, that Dom had a spectacular journey and is from Canada originally… what? No, seriously Canada has a great Imaging scene and tradition with guys like John Masecar, Andy McBeth, Chris Pottage, David Tyler and Gary McClenaghan, f.e.
So, learn from one of the best, check what celebrities hanging out in his studio and enjoy his screen caps!
Enter Dom!

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Review Vote

Another year has passed and a new one just begun! Happy New Year everybody!

So, I would like to know which kind of content you like(d) the most. Here is a selection of categories, we did in the past and want to maybe do more or less this year. Now you got the chance to let us know your favorite categories and shape the blog’s content to your needs. I can’t wait to get your opinion and thoughts ! Here is the categories….(Side Note Andy: Feel free to suggest other things be leaving a comment below)

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Merry Christmas!

Posted: 23rd December 2014 by benztownbranding in General
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Merry Christmas Header

Oh, it’s that time of the year again.
The whole Benztown Blog Crew whishes you a very merry Christmas and nice holidays! We hope you have some calm days and can start the new year with fresh power. We also want to thank you for this year’s support. For the Blog it was an exciting year, which wouldn’t have been possible without YOU!

Let me know, if you have any post suggestions for next year. Leave a comment below, or feel free to contact us on I also will create a poll which will be posted here and in the Facebook Production Groups. This will be a good way to customize our content to your needs and interests.

I am out for this year, you will hear from me in 2015. Until then, have a great time and enjoy the holidays!!!

Ozone 6 Review HeaderThe new Ozone is out. iZotope updated their all-in-one mastering suite, which brings you new features, a new interface and an updated feel. Check out how you can satisfy your masterings needs with the new Ozone 6.

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