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In one of our last posts I introduced Rick Allen who was involved in the development of Sample Logic’s Assault. I took the opportunity to have a look on this destructive Kontakt5 instrument and asked Rick a few questions about his work on this PlugIn.

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Imaging Days 2014 Teaser

Only a few days left for one of our nicest project this year #amsterdamed… I am so happy to see so many of my imaging friends in Amsterdam during the Imaging Days 2014:
Ryan Drean, David Konsky, Brendan Tacey, Mike Santos, Justin Case, Adam Hood, Dan Mumford, James Stodd, Sergey Zelentsov, Thomas Wollert, Dave Bethell and many many more!

For SURE I would love to SEE and MEET YOU!

Come and see the benz crew and I promise you the craziest and most fun booth of the convention… if you dont agree on that promise I will buy you a beer! We are HERE

OUR NEW exclusive UK Partner Beds and Beats will be there as well!


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Our last RX3 post reviewed the core features of iZotope’s Audio Repair Suite. Now, I want to give a short overview about the advantages of the RX3 Advanced version. This time I would love to show you its usage to improve bad IDs, listener samples or other audio that might need help. Read the rest of this entry »

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I met Rick on facebook, crazy story, ha? I was super imrpessed by the quality of the sfx he recorded and shared via soundcloud and needed to learn more about him and how he developed his skill set. Ricks career is impressive, back in the days he was the Imaging Director for the legendary Hot97 in NYC and created Noize for over 750 radio stations by running an imaging service called Continous Climax, which was big in the 90s. he also, and this is the most fascinating to me, used to create stuff for our imaging libraries Goldmine, Ambush and Horsepower. So this guy imaged the biggest radio stations and the libraries we are maintaning today before a lot of us knew how to write DAW – crazy. And the story goes: Rick is also the creator of a Kontakt instrument I am a big fan of: ASSAULT. Learn about Rick’s journey creating NOIZE for almost 40 years, get free fx and check out ASSAULT (side note Andy: more detailled post to come.)..Enter Rick..

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Chris Davis

I already showed you some impressive work from one of my favorite Imaging guys ever, Chris Davis… What can i say about this guy beside he is unbelievable talented, does 2 libraries for us (HotAC, Turbulence), 2day Breaky Production and much more custom stuff for clients around the world… Beside all that he has 3 (!!!) Kids and works from home. As a father of 2 I can’t tell you how impressed I am.
Chris was so nice to share some of his latest work and as always I am blown away! Great inspiration for you breaky producers… Learn how to organize your day, create awesome Imaging and be a cool dude – Enter Chris… Read the rest of this entry »

As most of you I grew up with Robin Williams, one of the greatest actors and comedians of our time. There was so much about him on social media the last days, so I think the Promo we created and also the great pieces we received from Chris Davis and Jaron Ransley say more than I can write here. Mr. Williams, you will never been forgotten… Read the rest of this entry »

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Eric is the latest addition to our Imaging RosterJustin send me his audio for consideration and I loved the mixture of great writing and nice production techniques. I think you all can learn a lot from Buffalo’s finest Eric, who also was so kind to share screen caps, tricks and somre really powerful audio. Go Bills! Read the rest of this entry »

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How often did you search for the right whoosh? I think I’m doing this every day… Until now, it was hard to create your own whooshes in a fast and efficient way without several layers and complex processing. With Whoosh from meltedsounds, a branch of the german sound designers Tonsturm, a tool was released which could end up this problem. Whoosh has just been updated to v1.1 and it gives you even more control over your created sound. Read the rest of this entry »

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I met Kike through my old friend Raul a lot of you guys might remember him. Kike is based in Madrid (but is  a big fan of Barca) and images a Rock station called Rock FM. Check Kike’s Audio example, production tricks, screen caps and learn how to rock Spain! Read the rest of this entry »

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The WOW2 by Sugar Bytes is one oft he most powerful filter plugins I ever worked with! I saw this PlugIn on a lot of EDM music production sites and thought, maybe this could be a useful tool for radio imaging too – and baaam! IT REALLY IS. Check out how you can treat drums, synths and FX with that small, red bundle of energy! Read the rest of this entry »