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No drummer in this world can play perfectly on BPM. You will see this, when it comes to recording drums. You will recognize that recorded drums don’t fit your grid perfectly, they have a natural groove. Having a groove is not a bad thing. It makes the record sound more human and a lot of […]

When I was skimming through the latest issue of Music Tech Magazine, I stumbled over an old question I have been asked a thousand times while doing personal trainings with imaging guys, sound designers or webinars. EQ, before or after compression? It’s a tricky question, which is dividing the production community since years. Everyone got […]

Hi guys, It’s Andre. You know, I’m used to write about my experiences in radio imaging and share the tricks and techniques I learned at Benztown, but today I’m gonna tell you how you can make the world a bit better with a mustache. I’m talking about the worldwide movement called Movember. Every year in […]

We have two big groups of readers on the blog: Pro Tools and Adobe Audition users. Each DAW has its loyal fans since years, so we have a special just for you guys. I had a little time to do some research on the net to bring you the best of both worlds! Tutorials, support, […]