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Be honest – how often do you think about the worst case while producing? What happens if your system crashes? Are all your data secured? What will happen to your sessions, after you leave the computer for an hour or two and you came back to see that your Pro Tools crashed and your current […]

Hey everybody, it’s Moe! As I told you in my last post, this was my first week doing Urban AC Brandings for Benztown’s Speaker Toyz AC format. And, what can I say, it was so much fun and I’ve learned a lot about imaging this really smooth and reliable Radio Format. One of the most important things […]

Hi guys, it’s Andre. One annoying task for me was slicing files on grid. Jumping from grid mark to the next grid mark and creating one cut after another shortly becomes a pain, but today I found another method! I’m now using Pro Tools daily for over two years and I never found this option […]