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That was 2012 – to a great 2013!

Posted: 30th December 2012 by benztownbranding in General
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What a year! With thousands of new readers this year and posts from around the world, we managed to offer a great year full of imaging, production, tips and tricks for every kind of like and skill set. We checked through all the posts of 2012 and here are some of the most viewed posts […]

2012, we had the pleasure to add a new category to our CHR library. A category filled with imaging by one of Australia’s biggest talent in radio – I’m talking about the man himself, David Konsky! After almost one year with outstanding imaging, it’s time to share some of the best ones with you guys. Listen […]

  The Voting is over and here they are — the winners of our Christmas Contest! We’ve heard 8 outstanding submission and this is what YOU have voted. Every one of the four contestants with the most votes will receive one price, so here are our winners: – Brionne Olsen: 41.05%  – James Lawson: 26.69% […]

Some last thoughts before Christmas…

Posted: 23rd December 2012 by benztownbranding in General
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Hey guys, it’s Andre. While our Christmas contest voting is getting into the crucial phase, it’s time for most us get calm down a bit and get ready for Christmas. It’s a bit hard to get in a festive mood, when the only weather, I’ve seen for days is rain, but being with the friends and family […]

I am blown away! We got 8 extraordinary, creative, funny, outstanding………f****** awesome promos for our Xmas Contest. Honestly, I love them all, so I am happy, I don’t have to make the call. It is up to YOU guys out there! Let us know: WHO IS THE MOST INTERESTING IMAGING DIRECTOR IN THE WORLD? Who […]

Hey guys, it’s Andre. Playing around with voices is one of the coolest things you can do in radio imaging and we’re always experimenting with various plugin chains and settings to create some unique and hot effects on our VO. Especially when it comes to hotter formats, the effects get pretty crazy. But I’m here […]

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It’s contest time at Benztown! While our contestants are fighting for the imaging crown in our Christmas contest, we’re having our internal contest going on. The task is the same: Create an outstanding promo about Gary, the most interesting Imaging Director in the world. I had Andre, Moritz and Jan create a Gary promo on […]

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Our Christmas contest is still running and this time, one of our prices is the perfect opportunity for young and aspiring imaging talents to step in the scene. Let people know who you are with your personal ad on All Access, one month for FREE! Present yourself to thousands of radio heads and the decision makers in […]

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Hey guys, it’s Andre. Christmas is coming closer every day. Like  retail sale, many stations made that massive switch to Christmas right after Thanksgiving was over. Especially in AC radio, you’re getting overwhelmed by Christmas imaging these days. Also the music changes. It’s getting softer, more lovely, many classics from the years before step back […]

Hey guys, it’s Andre. It’s contest time here in our studios in Stuttgart. While our readers are writing a stunning Promo about Gary to win in our Xmas Contest, we’re here to do the same to show who’s the best imager in the office. ‘No big thing.’, I thought. ‘I’m working in radio since a […]