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Hi guys, it’s Andre. Today I’m going to show you how to create a saw riser in NI’s Massive.  This is a pretty common effect in dance music and a great way to create tension before the drop. Instead of taking just an ordinary riser from a sample library, I’m going to show you how to […]

Everyone working with audio samples professionally wants them to be high quality in every aspect. Perfect usability is one of them, which include clean and correct file lengths and starts. Here’s a weak point of Pro Tools revealed. After every bouncing, Pro Tools adds a bit of air to the start of the audio. This […]

Happy New Year!

Posted: 2nd January 2013 by benztownbranding in General
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Imaging World! What a year for benztown and the blog! I wish you and your families a happy new year! Thanks for everything and to a great 2013! LET’S ROCK! A Few Happy New Year Sweepers Andy