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THE BEST useful link and you are about to discover it! Imagine ALL Pro Tools shortcuts collected in a simple online library with search function and even a keyboard view with highlighted shortcut buttons. Enter, chose your Pro Tools version and browse through all the shortcuts, Pro Tools has to offer. The shortcuts are sorted in […]

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Hi guys, it’s Andre. For a lot of producers, traveling is a part of their job. Not everyone is bound to one specific studio, especially when you’re recording, mixing and mastering jingles and radio imaging for clients all over the world. Sometimes you need to leave your own beloved studio and move to another for […]

Mastering is the final processing in audio production. By using EQs, compression and other subtle effects, mastering will get the best out of your mix and make it sound loud and clear. Mostly used in musical productions, more and more radio producers also add a mastering chain to their imaging (and I mean more than […]

Too many tools at once? – How many DAWs are right?

Posted: 21st July 2013 by benztownbranding in General
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Hey guys, it’s Andre. The big audio software companies recently presented the latest versions of the most popular DAWs. Pro Tools 11, Logic Pro X, Cubase 7, Studio One 2, Ableton Live 9 – plenty of tools to mess around with. With all these various DAWs with their own features and functions, I always get […]

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Having a good sounding and clean VO is very important for radio production. Before getting into further processing like EQ-ing and compression, your voice needs to be free of dirt and any noise. Having a voice file with a lots of sibilants is a pain. If you already have a hard time listening to this […]

It is a tradition on this blog. Every 6 month, Australian Imaging magician David Konsky serves us one of his famous mashups. This year is halfway gone and once again, it’s a pleasure to bring DJ Konsky’s latest piece. A stunning mashup of this year’s hits… so far. Enjoy the video! [youtube=] Check out some […]

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Almost every plugin these days comes with more or less factory presets, which shall support us users to set up these plugins right for various occasions. Are these factory presets really a help? Would you trust a VO plugin preset and use it in your production or are you doing all your settings from scratch? […]

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Hey guys, it’s Andre. Volume automation is a pretty nice feature in every DAW. It’s pretty simple and easy to use, but there’s one thing which really annoys me while using automation — your faders keep clinching to the value you’ve chosen in your automation and every time you want to change the overall volume […]

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Finally, summer has arrived here in Benztown! Time to put out the grill, have  a BBQ and then let’ go right to the beach. But first, we got to make sure to hook up our stations with the latest summer imaging. Check this out: How does summer at your station sound like? Let us know […]

Get started with mixing – A short Frequency 101

Posted: 6th July 2013 by benztownbranding in General
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Hey guys it’s Andre. Getting started in mixing sure is not the easiest part of production. Especially clashing signals in the same range can be a problem, which not always can be solved by simple volume adjusting. To make you start with a bit of help, I did a little example picture showing some common […]