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WOW. Another week – I have the feeling time flies. Here is Episode 6

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Since it was released I had an eye on Butch Vig Vocals by Waves. I thought it might be a fast and effective helper to tweak your voice. Today I want to give you an overview and answer this question.

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What was great this week? Here is some stuff. I loved this week.

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Last week Max and our trainee Boris went out to face a task only real men can handle: Recording engines, machines and dirt. If you want to get some tipps for recording a car and how not to lose your mic in the engine bay, read this article!

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On to the next! Gentleman, happy you read this. Lets get right into it for this week.

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Hey, this week was awesome…Why? because we had a fantastic ad out, Dr. Dre releases a new album and we have fanatic guest here in Stuttgart. But, first things first…..

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In 2013 we explored Studio One 2 and we couldn’t resist adding it to our Pro Tools dominated workstations. Now, two years later, version 3 was released and we still use Presonus’ Audio Workstation in our daily work. Updates are always nice, but a whole new version is another thing which brings up completely new features and aspects into […]