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We love Halloween! A time you can freak out with your Imaging in a pretty bloody and scary way. And as the time progresses, we still do things we love and hopefully getting better in doing so. So Jan still loves pitching around his VO, to create creeeepy VO effects and wants to share his next level […]

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Let’s go for another week!

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Compression is an important processing step in Radio Imaging. I got different compressors in use, but I always keep my eyes open for new stuff. It seems that Waves is on a release marathon and part of that is a dynamic and compression plugin. The plugin is called „emo D5“. Let me give you an overview […]

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Friday again! Check my five for this week.

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The best reverb ever? You ask that questions and get so many different answers. There is iconic outboard gear as the Lexicon, emulations of  legendary boxes like the EMT and plugINs with a ton of different algorithms and convolution types. Depending on the result the best reverb also may vary, as there is no one […]

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This week it is back to normal….if there is such thing as a normal week 🙂

Today it will be very basic. The creation of a simple “wanna be stereo effect” on VO tracks. Sometimes I use this method which helps to enhance the sound of mono files. I will show you how to use this technique and explain something about the theory behind it.

Image: REUTERS, Nilufer Demir/DHA This week there will be no plugIns, Inspiration or Imaging pieces. As the Fiver Friday is a totally personal thing, I can’t go back to routine after seeing this on wednesday. Again, this is a super personal post and has nothing to do with imaging….just saying!