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This week it is hard to even start FiverFriday, there was so much great stuff! NYC was just perfect. I had enough time to meet my old friend and 3 times Iron Imager winner Dan Kelly, also my old Benztown colleague Jason, who cranks out fantastic work with Ebro on Hot97, as well as Chris […]

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I’m sure nobody of you will outsource a production to a third person like a mixing or mastering engineer – we are doing the whole production ourselves. In my eyes, this means the more you know about the single steps, the more you will be able to push quality. A often overseen part of mastering is Dithering. But […]

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While being in NYC and inhale the mixture of pulsing and  innovative and on the other end aged and outdated I though a lot about how our job has evolved over the last years and what dramatical changes we went through. Not just from an industry stand point, but also from a pure practical work perspective. […]

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Feels so good to be back in New York! Look forward to see all my friends!

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The internet experiences more and more video content and all types of studies show we respond best to video content on social media. It grabs our attention more than anything other – period.  I can say this is matter of fact, as we never had such a fanatstic response on stuff as this week. Jeff’s […]

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These days I often stumble upon the question which mobile production setup is usable. I also asked this question myself when doing some production while being not in the studio: The computer should have enough resources for lag-free production and the tools should not be too complex to use. Additionally there’s the question of monitoring and the […]

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It’s Friday! Let’s have a look at this week!

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We’ve been using Ozone for years and have become raving fans of it. Luckily iZotope keeps updating this plugin. The latest version is 7.0.1, but we had stayed on 6 for some time now. But now I wanted to find out what’s different and new in the latest version, so I took some time to […]