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Black Friday is nearly here! Time to buy your favorite gear! And as every year, there are thousands of amount of deals out there. We help you to keep your head up, getting an overview. Check our favorites and a list of audio companies which had a deal in the past, but have nothing up yet. Maybe […]

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Another week went by another week closer to christmas and the stress level just goes one way….UP!!! Maybe this stuff helps you a bit to chill out over the weekend!

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I’m sure you already heard about MS processing. We found a plugin which picks up this idea, but expands it in its own way. DrMS by Mathew Lane has an interesting approach to process busses, tracks or even your master. And this kind of processing does not exist in any other plugin yet. Let’s have a look at this pioneer […]

So, the week was insane, crazy, different. Why? I will give you a more extended version  in the next weeks – promise!

Christian and I were talking via Twitter and email quiet a while. I liked the stuff he was putting on his soundcloud and as Oli and I have done work for RTL back in the past, it was a no brainer to reach out and talk imaging, tricks and radio life. Learn about Christian’s weekly […]

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So, here we go for the weekend. It is close and we are ready to roll!!