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Image: Stockvault Guys, 2016 is coming to an end and we’re going to celebrate this day! For the new year, here are some resolutions for 2017! Happy new year!

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Image by Alessandro Viaro via Unsplash Guys, Merry Christmas to you. I am so thankful for all your support and love in 2016. I wish you and your families a fantastic Christmas and an awesome NYE party! See you in 2017! Attached is some free FX for YOU! Just go to the playlist below, click on the […]

It’s year-end mashup season!

Posted: 20th December 2016 by benztownbranding in General
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Okay, it’s that time of the year again! And it’s not Christmas. Hooked by Jan’s and Alex’ awesome work doing the benztown Mega Mix 2016, I want to share more great remixes and mashups with the best songs of 2016 with you! Make sure to take a listen to these nice pieces below.

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We’re getting closer to christmas! Here’s my 5 for this week!

The Best Interviews In 2016

Posted: 15th December 2016 by benztownbranding in Interviews
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Wow! It was an incredible year for the blog including lots of great interviews with the best in our industry, the up and comers and of course with YOU, the interview partners and the READERS! Thanks for all your support, the love and the daily dose of motivation I am receiving to get this blog going!  Here […]

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Guys only a few weeks left till the big guy is coming. This means we are in full stress mode or pretend to be :)…

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Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay  Christmas is close, so its time to send your wishes to Santa. But what to put on this list? I asked the guys in the studios what they would love to get for christmas, and this is what came up: A nice list with plugins for every budget including some Christmas Deals! Happy Holidays!

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The first week I passed on the FIVER. But for a reason :)… I thought on Black Friday all you PlugIN geeks would love to get the latest deals as updates and I was right. Thanks for more than 500(!!!) people reading this post alone on Black Friday! Here I am back with the weekly […]

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I recently heard about a new equalizer called ‘Surfer EQ’ by Sound Radix. At first glance it seemed to be pretty interesting. It has a new approach which names this EQ: Bands sticking to tonal information and surfing if needed. Let’s give you a short overview of this special tool.