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It’s getting warmer in Stuttgart benztown! Spring is about to call!

What’s the next step after receiving VO from your talent? Yep, you need to chop and name the files! This ensures good workflow and productivity. So how do you get this step done as fast as possible with a pretty basic trick? Watch the latest benztown tutorial!

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This week was awesome! So much great imaging done all over the place, i am so proud of the team for getting nominated again… You are rockstars!!!

Image: pxhere You’re using today’s technology everyday. But do you really exploit full potential of these things? Your smartphone for example? Here’s a list of tools which help to use your phone for more than just Facebook.

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Episode #76! Here we go!

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Guys, your remember Sean, he was on the blog two years ago as contender for the Iron Imager and he is an awesome imaging guy, dad, dude and proud member of our benztown imaging brigade handling a ton of clients for us through various formats. The more we work with Sean, the more impressed I […]

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What a great week! Felt good to be back in Paris for Le Radio. This time, totally different area, but AWESOME. Was fun to meet my french friends and partners. Thanks for 2 fantastic days of great food, radio talk and fun!

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Matt is the leading guy for imaging at Entercom and has years and years of experience in various markets. He loves Adobe and one of his coaches was our all star buddy buddy and cross fit beast Mike Santos. (Andy: Man I need to reach out to Mike, haven’t spoken to him for so long.) Learn to create false ends, his ways to […]