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So, ladies and gents! It is Friday, again:)…One week to go till we announce the contender for Sidey at our Iron Imager contest at WWRS. Monday is the official deadline, I cant wait to hear the pieces you created!

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As we told you in SFX Experiences Pt. 7, Konrad and Max teamed up with Saro from SoundBits to record glass debris! And their mission was to destroy as much glass as possible. Read more to learn how they miked up this session and what it needs to leave a room as clean as it […]

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What a great week, RDE 2017 in Amsterdam have been awesome, my birthday, too, as well as we had “EL Presidente” in town. It was fantastic to meet so many great people and old friends. I insert some impressions, so you see what was going on in the benz world.

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The Human voice has huge dynamics in volume. And without any processing, you would simply not understand anything in a production. As audibility is crucial in radio imaging, compression is an essential step for us. But too much can result in morbidity and destroy the vibe. An article of the german audio magazine delamar recently featured the technique using 2 […]

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Image: Jeremy Cai via unsplash Friday is St. Patrick’s day. And you know what this day is all about: yep, beer. You also know that we are always after serious sound effects! So Konrad, Jan and Max told Alex and Chris about the last St. Patrick’s recording mission and surprisingly they all joined the session once […]

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What a week. Check this week’s five!

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One thing is sure: the more shortcuts you know, the faster you get. I’m sure you already hit accidentally some shortcuts in Pro Tools, but did not continue to use them.  So I want you to keep attention to shortcuts you don’t use often, as this will help you to create a faster workflow. Here are […]

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We’re getting closer to episode 100. Here’s #79!

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For all the guys who love Effectrix and Filter Freak, this might be the newest tool in your box! Plugin factory Cableguys is developing stuff which looks a bit common at the first view, but they are adding their own style to give their products a nice and unique twist. Here’s an overview of ‘ShaperBox’, which combines nearly all of their shaping tools […]