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Let’s get directly into this week’s five!

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You need a ramploop, but there’s no instrumental part at the beginning of the track? In this super short post, Alex shows you a great trick how to remix and create the intro of a branding with a full vocal part.

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What a week. Finally, Summer in the city!

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In the last Fiver Friday I gave a heads up to some techniques for using Shaperbox. These can be used to manipulate instrumentals or musicbeds to increase audibility. These 1min videos are easy and fast to understand. I tested three of them for radio imaging benefits.

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Another Summer Imaging week insanity. So much awesome new discoveries.

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You know fabfilter. And they are doing cool stuff like their EQ and compressor. The newest addition to their catalogue is a reverb. The first look was nice, but I wanted to know how it sounds.

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Friday again! Lets get into it!

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It’s just a few weeks back, but already feels like it’s been ages. I had such a great time with Brad and Sidey and their performances at Iron Imager were just stunning! Brad is back home now – back to reality after partying in LA, winning Iron imager and of course an awesome trip to […]

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So, back from Asia for a week now and of course I miss the best Dim Sum in the world :)… and even more how kind people are! Lets jump right into the goods !