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Another week in self isolation has passed by in speed of light. It is for sure a complicated and challenging time for all, but we as communities, families and mankind will get through this, if we stick together. I hope all you producers out there (working from home for the first time or are used […]

Ideas Exchange or What to do on-air in times of the Corona Virus?

Posted: 26th March 2020 by benztownbranding in General

  Radio stations all around the world face the same challenge right now. What the heck should we do on-air in these never seen black swan type of times. How should we address this world wide epidemic on-air beside endless repetition of facts? Is it appropriate to be in a good mood, even if the […]

Fiver Friday #228 – Time to think about

Posted: 20th March 2020 by benztownbranding in General, Uncategorized

This is a Fiver Friday like no other before. I am debating with myself since days what to write, who to include, if we need more COVID 19 updates, more noise, more distraction, more entertainment, more toilet paper, more sanitizer, more Netflix recommendations…And I still don’t know. How should I address this, what is appropriate, […]

While everyone’s preparing for Corona we’ve prepared the next fiver friday for you guys! All jokes aside, please stay safe and take care of your colleagues and family, we might be up for a tough ride! Let’s get into this week’s findings:

Get ready for this week’s episode of fiver friday, found some really cool stuff for you guys!