We discovered this plugIN on Dave Pensado’s blog a while ago, and Kush Audio was so nice to send us a PlugIN version to play around with. We used it mainly on Synths to showcase how bright, open, tight and present the sound gets with it. For all the Radio Imaging guys out there, my recommendation is put it on your final mix or test it on your VO….

Listen to the differences with these synth lines:


Learn more about the PlugIN specs and how it works here….

Technically – it is a Parallel EQ, which has 4 basic ways to tune your sound.

1. Presence
2. Sheen
3. Shimmer
4. Silk

These modes are synced to another feature, which either lifts, opens, tights and diffuses the sound.
Warning! You will get addicted to it!!!

Test it yourself: Download the demo version, use it on a track, listen a few times and then bypass…..DANGEROUS!

Definetly a PlugIN I would take with me on a lonely island !!!