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This blog exists for one single reason:

In order for us all to improve in what we do by sharing ideas, creative solutions, production techniques, tips and tricks!

This blog offers real content. No more – no less.

No matter if you’re a trainee in the production business, an imaging legend or an indie producer. This blog will make you save time, improve your skills and raise your level of creativity – guaranteed.

This blog focuses on production content which could be used in your daily life. It’s delieverd via video tutorials, pictures, traditional posts, graphics, etc. We’re all about sharing ideas, creating something magical and receiving inspiration. This blog will deliver –  again and again.

Benztown Branding Radio Imaging Blog offers different styles of content created by me, Andy, one of the founders of  http://www.benztownbranding.com and our international friends and partners in the radio, music and broadcasting industry.

From a Pro Tools video tutorial to the perfect jingle package, from production contests to new plugins, from daily work overload to creative solutions, from guest posts to weekly and even daily columns, improving your skill level in only 5 minutes, this blog will improve your production and is a useful source of background knowledge in a variety of fields related to your daily work environment.

So what are you waiting for? Check out the latest videos, share the content with your friends, post comments and feedback or send us your pics, videos or youtube links (blog@benztown.com) so we can share your skills, ideas, tricks and tips with the community. Subscribe to the blog TODAY and get 10 Imaging FX and Sound Design Workparts for free.

Let’s rock!

Andy and the entire Benztown family!

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