Our reader Kyle wrote us an email with the following question:

“Hello Benztown Boys and Girls,
Was wondering if you could ask on your blog for the Adobe Audition Users (Version 1.5 to 3.0), what the best compression and EQ settings are in Adobe’s own effects panel.

Now it’s up you, Adobe Audition experts on this blog. Share your wisdom with us help us to answer Kyle’s question and help him to rock his productions!

Thanks in advance and have a great weekend….Your Benztown Blog Crew

  1. Hey Kyle. If you download the VST versions of the Waves plugins, you’ll get access to a lot of the EQ’s/compressors that get talked about on this blog (RComp, Q10 etc) in Audition. But a good basic combo with the features built into Audition is Dynamics Processing (with a lil spike around 7k), and the parametric EQ. Have a look through this blog and try and copy some of the EQ settings you see. Hope that helps mate.

  2. m santos says:

    i really like the multi-band compression plug in AA3. i think it was designed by izotope. i use it A LOT when i’m making music promos for my rock station. especially when i have to match a song from the who with a song from the foo fighters. it really helps level it out and eliminates any major kind of dynamic change. just be really careful with it because your and definitely overdo it.

    back before i had the waves plugs, i would use the parametric EQ and emulate the settings my friends would show me. i use the tube compressor too when i do some singing stuff.

    but like jezza said, if you can, try and pick up a waves bundle. you don’t have to go all out and get the mercury or diamond bundle (they’re massively expensive). i think the renaissance bundle (which is what i have) will run you a couple hundred bucks. though.