Fiver Friday Header II

Hey guys. this is my week in 5 minutes :). Right now I am looking for the perfect communication / intranet type of system for benztown. Do you have anything you tested, played around with or even better do you use anything?

1. Plugins

How about a new software? Right now I dive in Premiere Pro big time and I find it very refreshing and it is a great experience so far. Total different thing, but I enjoy it a lot. My plugIn advice for this week – try something new!



2. Inspiration

One of my favorite tattoo artists in the world – Jun Cha from LA. Best B&W ! His stuff is amazing. No matter if you like tattoos or not, you will agree, that he is a master of his craft.



3. Music

As it is Sir-Mix-A-Lot week…guess what –

4. Social/Web/Whatever

Since a few weeks I play around with SLACK. Not sure yet, if it can help me optimize the workflow. What do you use as comuniciation system beside or instead of email?


5. Imaging

Old school Hip Hop and Rap is the thing I grew up with, so I’m proud to tell you that we rep the Classic Hip Hop show NO1 in the country hosted by Sir Mix-A-Lot! Check out the demo:


  1. Chris CLick says:

    1. Trying new software is great – good to always be learning something to keep the mind fresh. You should try wwise. Very different workflow since its built for gaming, but when tweaking around in it I found I was able to pop out some cool sound elements.

    4. Trello! Greatness for managing workflow and with multiple clients/organizations. I do like slack, but I use more for just communicating with friends. I think it would be good in a biz setting as well but never had anyone to try it with.