Here are this week’s five!

1. Plugin

Check out plugin factory Zynaptiq. They’re doing innovative and pretty interesting stuff! For example UNFILTER: detects frequency problems and removes excessive equalization. Nice one! Also be prepared for our review of Wormhole!


2. Inspiration

Gordon Hempton is is one of the most inspiring figures in the field recording world. He travels the world in order to catch nature sound effects and beside his own projects, he also did collaborations with the guys from boom library. He recently dropped a documentary which has been lauded by film festivals across North America. Here’s the trailer:

3. Music

Awesome indie/folk crossover. Judah & The Lion kicking it!

4. Web/Social/Whatever

Strange things happen in this world. Here’s the internet’s take on it.

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5. Imaging

Check out the brand new Glisten composite! Glisten team including Jason Griffin, Alex Kusnezov, Gregg Simms and Valerie Smaldone is doing a great job. Keep it up!