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Fiver Friday Header II

Fiver Friday time!

1. Plugins

Manny Marroquin Distortion. After Oli has been in France at Mix with the Masters with him, I use his plugin bundle more often theses days. The distortion plugin is great as well as the reverb. Nice sound, easy to handle and fast results. Check the VO effect on Harry



2. Inspiration

Last week I read an article about marathon runners, did you know 99% of the runners finish up a marathon, which is to be considered one of the most exhausting disciplines in sports. Why is that ? Read the short version:

3. Music

Konrad saw an interesting documentary about Nate Dogg on the german Hip Hop Magazin Juice. Great Voice, gone far too early! Click here.


4. Social / Fun / Whatever

Hmm…maybe you are looking for your new office / studio shelf and want to get the best modular system out there. I put it in my dining area and it is nuts:

Easy to put up, great quality and unlimited possibilities…the construction mechanism is world class – even I was able to put it together in 10 minutes.



5. Imaging

Star Wars Episode 7 is coming! Some bad ass dark side Imaging. It is basically less Andy and more the awesome sounds of Celldweller.


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