Fiver Friday Header II

After you loved it last week: Here is to another one! Great PlugIns, fantastic gear and….


I have not used the Mouth for a long time, MISTAKE. I used it on a branded Intro for Clavin Harris for next week – Killer.

Screenshot 2015-07-31 09.44.56

Check it out, tons of great presets to go from.

2. Inspiration

This video was posted by Andy Safnauer on FB.
It is from of my all time herose talking starigh and no BS – Gary Vanyerchuck

Tough one for this week, as I heard a lot of great stuff, but as one of my mates did it I decdied to go for this electro project “The Lonely And The Rum“. Fantastic Voice, great production – Hoody rules.


4. Social / Fun / Whatever:


5. Imaging
I am blown away by classic Hip Hop Imaging. So happy this format is coming back. Check this…