Fiver Friday Header II

Let’s go for another week!

1. Plugins

I really like the sound of UADs emulation of the Maag EQ4. Perfect for music, but sounds great on nearly everything. Check the air band – settings around ~20khz adds a sense of freshness to VO.

For non UAD users, Plugin Alliance created an emulation of the eq too.



2. Inspiration

Literature is a great way to expand your knowledge. By that it’s somehow possible to get an idea how the author is thinking. Doesn’t matter if you’re reading a novel or nonfiction. So get out your books and inspire yourself!

David Tyler posted some books about radio business on Facebook. Maybe this is a good start if you’re searching for new ones!

Some reading suggestions for people who are competing and want to win in radio. What would you add?

Posted by David Tyler on Montag, 21. September 2015


3. Music

Haven’t heard it for a while now. But still a great piece!


4.Social / Fun / Whatever

I started using reddit more again – still a great platform for creative input. It is ranked 31 in worldwide search engine traffic, so be sure many people are using it.

reddit5. Imaging

Halloween is coming! Check out Scott Phillips Imaging for our Ambush and Horsepower libraries!