2012, we had the pleasure to add a new category to our CHR library. A category filled with imaging by one of Australia’s biggest talent in radio – I’m talking about the man himself, David Konsky!

After almost one year with outstanding imaging, it’s time to share some of the best ones with you guys. Listen to some of the sickest examples in beatmatching and modern radio imaging.

Have fun and now, pull it off, DJ Konsky!

  1. Awesome and inspiring mr. Konsky, as always!

    Merry christmas and happy new year to everybody in the imaging community..

    Keep it rocking un 2013!


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  4. Shyla says:

    That was amazing! I’m really curious as to what Plug-in other imaging producers are using to be able to time-compress and expand their audio in such good quality?

    • Well, RTAS users are well advised with Serato Pitch N Time, although elastic audio is doing a pretty good job.
      Celemony’s Melodyne also features time stretching besides its various pitch functions.
      A lot of modern DAWs also have their own pitching tools already included.

    • i think most use pitch n time or elastic audio in pro tools…andy

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