What the hell is this guy doing and why is this posted on a radio imaging blog?

This is beatjuggling and is one of the king disciplines of turntablism. It’s the manipulation of two or more samples, loops, songs, etc… to create a new and unique composition using two or more turntables and one or more mixers. In short: It’s creating new beats by playing around with sounds you’ve already got.

So why am I posting this?

With my musical background as DJ, I’ ve always been impressed of this form of ‘Live Remixing’ and I wanted to bring this technique into Pro Tools.

So, today I’m gonna show you some beatjuggling made in Pro Tools, totally without turntables. A great technique, especially for Urban Imaging.

And by the way… it’s way easier to learn beatjuggling in Pro Tools than with real turntables and vinyl (believe me, it’s a freaking pain…)

[vimeo 20947901]

  1. Paul Duffy says:


  2. mjsantos007 says:

    well done andre! keep up the great work.

  3. Matthieu says:

    Really cool ! Just one question. How do you organize your Audiosuite menu ? You seems to have favourite plug’ins on the top and no the usual Dyn/Eq/reverv categories.


    • Hi Matthieu,
      thanks for the feedback. Great you like the post and in terms of your question:
      While choosing your plugin, just hold command and click on the plugin to mark it as favourite. If you don’t want the plugins as favourite anymore, just hold command and click on it again.


  4. MIke Karlos says:

    Nice very Nice.

  5. Matthieu says:

    Great Andre thanks, I will keep few seconds everyday with your help !

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