After getting so much love for Oli’s Beatmixing Tutorial , Andy asked our users to send in some beatmixes and beatmatched stuff and your response was MASSIVE!

We received tons of beatmatching demos, which we don’t want to deprive you of.

So check out the beatmixes we received and let us know what you think and which one is your favourite!

Justin Case is our Urban Co-Imaging Director at Benztown and also part of Benztown Imaging Group & Benztown Voiceover Group. He sent in some cool Urban, CHR & Rhythmic beatmatched stuff. Check it out!

Adam Schneider is our Classic Hits Imaging Director at Benztown and he’s also doing voice-over. He sent in one CHR & one Rock Promo. Enjoy it!

Pete is no stranger to a lot of our readers. After showing his talent and sharing his wisdom before for our Xmas Contest, he’s back with another impressive beatmix for DancemixUSA. Never skipping a beat.

Remembering James Stodd? He sent us some emotional imaging, he did for 98.5 Capital in London. Now, he shows us his bad ass side of imaging with some great beatmatches. These pieces are influenced by working with the legendary Jeff Thomas.

Raul Segura is a subscriber since our very beginning and soon became an engaged member of the community. He is the expert for great Spanish radio imaging. He sent in a hot rhythmic beatmix

And last my buddy Pascal from Belgium: He is a real Imaging Dog. A few minutes after publishing the post, he was the first one, who sent us some beatmixes. Great Stuff..Woof Woof….(Fyi: One is done in Reaper and one is done in Ableton Live.)

So, here they are. What do you think? Feel free to comment and send in your stuff (

  1. done in Pilot ?


    noooooooo, the “Pilot” one is done in Reaper !

    • Oh sorry, I’m gonna change it.

      • Pete says:

        LOL Paul ! I was blown away by the powerful demos in Your post, so thanks for the kind words in the name of all of us!

        So it looks we all just love making stuff like this… it sounds great, gives a room to play around with new techiques, and it’s a lot of fun 🙂

        James Stodd’s BEATTOH2004C is sweet for my ears (fantastic mixing), and Adam Schneider’s Rock beatmix is one great piece of work. Not too many rock beatmixes around and it’s really creative.

        I’m honored to be here. All of You guys – great work!

  2. Paul Duffy says:

    If they dont get you fired up to do stuff , Nothing will.I could listen to these all day!!

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