Halloween is coming! And to get your station ready, we created a multipart scaring plan for you!

Be brave and check the first video tutorial of this Halloween season: learn how to create a VO that will frighten your audience!

At first, you need your unprocessed VO. For my effect I used Doug MacAskill’s voice. Then you add several layers to the original. Here’s a short overview how to do the effect:

  • Create 8 mono tracks, pairing up for two.
  • Delay one channel of the second and third pair around 16ms to widen the layer.
  • Create a LoCut around 400 Hz on the third pair.
  • Send all the tracks to a reverb.
  • Drop the original VO to the first pair.
  • First duplicate: pitch -6 semitones.
  • Second duplicate: pitch +4 semitones and add
    – SciFi
    – Mondo Mod
    – Flanger
    – Filter
  • Third duplicate: pitch +6 semitones, add Enigma.
  • Volume adjustments.
  • Move the clips to create a chorus effect.


Be up for next week and learn how to use this VO and create a Halloween style sweeper!



  1. Alan says:

    Handy and well done. Make more of these please.

    For users of software other than Pro Tools (i.e., Ardour for Linux here), it would be helpful to explain what “SciFi” and “MondoMod” are, and what processes are in play that would allow someone like me to figure out the stock effects in my own software to emulate the same sound.

  2. benztownbranding says:

    We can try to do this next time. For now SciFi is a VO manipulating plugIN, it does some nice flanging / modulation effects. Mondo Mod is a Flanger, Chorus type of plugIN, which can also create STERO WITH and Panning Effects.