Getting an award with radio imaging is like the biggest honor and pleasure for a radio producer.
We reached out to this year’s ACRA (Australian Commercial Radio Award) winner in the category of ‘Best Achievement in Production’ – Triple MMM’s Michael ‘Sideshow’ Andersen. After getting the title against talents like David Konsky, Steve Hunt, Brendan Tacey and more, he’s here to share his blueprint for getting an imaging award:
1. create great imaging
2. chop it together in a nice way
3. crate even more great imaging
4. chop it together in an even nicer way
In all honesty, there is nothing like a blueprint for how to win awards. Work hard, be dedicated, try new things, look for great mentors, get inspired – do remarkable work. This won’t guarantee an award, but it guarantees you being an important member of the imaging community….get inspired by Sidey’s awesome work
  1. Robbie says:

    I’m so jealous – I wish I could do that!
    Awesome production work mate

  2. […] Sideshow Mike Anderson – Sideshow mentored me when I was at  MMM and taught me a lot. He is such a creative talented guy and to be around him as a young producer I feel very lucky. […]