Remember Harry Legg and how he made it into the 3 major markets? He is one of benztown’s hottest VO and Imaging Guys and he shares his favourite PlugIn Preset with you!

Harry – Distortion Example by Benztown Branding Blog 

How he creates the VO sound like this? Learn more and check Harry’s Screenshot. The best about it : The PlugIN Harry is using comes absolutely free with ProTools.

Distortion – not just for guitars!

If you’re like me, you are always looking for a new little processing trick for your station’s Image Voice.  One of my favorites is distortion.  There are quite a few plug-ins, some of which come free with Pro Tools, that will do the job nicely.  Using distortion gives a gravely and noisy texture that helps the voice cut through – especially over heavily produced music beds and custom song brandings.  The mp3 sample provided uses the AIR distortion plug-in.  First is the mixout of just the vocal and then the fully produced branding.  I love the “Total Distortion” setting and I adjust the mix accordingly.  There is also a little reverb and flange on my voice in this sample.  I even ran the artist ID through the same set of plug-ins including distortion.  Give it a shot – experiment with it.  I also like using distortion after a reverb or slap delay – it can create a really cool sound. Happy Distortion! Never thought I’d say that as an audio quality freak!



  1. John Taylor says:

    Very cool Harry! Love the Bruce Lee pic too. (Don’t mess with Harry he actually IS a Ninja)
    For the Adobe Audition 3.0 fans there are two ways to get these effects in the program.
    Both are found under the heading EFFECTS then scroll down to SPECIAL then select DISTORTION, or you can choose the GUITAR SUITE that has a buncha presets for guitar distortion that allow for all kinds of combos you can mix and match and trade with your friends.