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Another week is over and we have some amazing topics for you. I hope you guys like it!  Like 0

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The world is still on hold because of corona virus, but we keep going! Hopefully all of you are still healthy and safe, we will get through this together. Here are this week’s findings:  Like 0

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Once again, hopefully you guys are still healthy and safe! Check out this week’s findings and have happy Easter!  Like 0

Fiver Friday #228 – Time to think about

Posted: 20th March 2020 by benztownbranding in General, Uncategorized
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This is a Fiver Friday like no other before. I am debating with myself since days what to write, who to include, if we need more COVID 19 updates, more noise, more distraction, more entertainment, more toilet paper, more sanitizer, more Netflix recommendations…And I still don’t know. How should I address this, what is appropriate, […]

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Guys, Girls, Imaging family, friends, allies, Benztown clients and blog interviewees, colleagues… you get it! Merry Christmas and thanks for all your support this year, thanks for everyone who took the time to connect, chat, has written guest posts, created awesome work, got up and made hits station sound awesome..I appreciate all of you and […]

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Image by Jan Alexander from Pixabay  Yesterday I read a really great article about data driven marketing and thought about it in terms of how to break this down for what we do: ON AIR MARKETING (of course with some nice bings and bangs, stutters, vocoders…:) Here is 5 ideas you should think about when creating magic. I […]

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Posted: 26th June 2019 by benztownbranding in Uncategorized
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Image by Iván Tamás from Pixabay  So, this is supposed to be a short one, but I felt the urge to share this with you guys. Since a few days summer is here and this means it is HOT! Really HOT! It hit us really bad! What doe this have to do with you? The heat reminded me […]

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So again, guess what it is Friday and here is your latest …Before that, make sure, if you are in Toronto you catch up with these guys at Canadian music week :)! Like 0

IRON IMAGER 8: Readers Vote!

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Well, that was an intense round of the Iron Imager challenge between Sam and BT! We were sweating over here at the Castaway watching them cool-ly produce their Country format flyaway promo for the ACM Awards. Thanks again for being a part of this year’s Iron Imager contest and watching our livestream on Facebook. The […]