Benztown’s latest CHR fomat is called CLIQUE  and done by my mate Paul Armstrong from London. Paul’s Alternative background makes this CHR library very different from Benztown CHR, (Andy: which I still do) and all other competitors out there. That difference is, what I personally prefer and hired Paul for, instead of having the NEXT CHR library. Personality in Imaging is key to me, as you can hear it as a massive difference on-air. If your station should sound unique, nasty and massive….this is your one stop shop. CLIQUE is your library!

Check Paul’s incredible work, voiced by Mikey Muscatello, get inspired and leave me comment. How do you like the alternative influences, VO processing etc, music editing…? What stations would this sound fit to ?

  1. Pedja says:

    I think Paul’s sound is great. Fast moving and punchy CHR with gritty, dirty Alternative bites all over.
    Stations with dubstep, electro and club hip-hop on their paylist will love this!

  2. thejinglebox says:

    paul’s one of those producers whose sound u can easily identify… absolutely punchy, amazing and inspiring…

    great work, as always
    the jinglebox