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Adam Hood is the latest addition to the benztown team and he truly is one of the UK’s finest Imaging producers, who has worked on legendary brands like Heart, XFM and many more over the last years. As well he is an awesome bloke + looks like a Rock’n’Roll Star (Side Note Andy: this is at least my opinion:O)

When Adam told me about his charity ride from London to Paris I asked him to write a guest post about it, as I think it is a great way to inspire people to do something remarkable and create an impact in our world.  If you want to support the Temwa charity click here.

Learn hot to manage cycling 100 miles a day and deliver awesome Imaging – Enter Adam:

As an imaging producer, I have terrible knees. Those two things aren’t actually related in any way, but it is what caused me to get into cycling as a way of keeping fit.

I love to challenge myself in life and in 2011, an opportunity arose through a very close friend who had started their own charity some 10 years earlier. The challenge was to cycle from Bristol to Amsterdam, 4 countries covering some 500 miles over 7 days. Through months of training and piles upon piles of pasta, the challenge was completed and we raised over £10,000 for the charity.

Adam Hood at the prot of Dover

This is me at the port of Dover, ready to tackle Europe.

(A blog I kept of my training and the trip itself can be found here

The charity is called Temwa, who raise funds to implement community-based projects in Malawi. Temwa operates in an area called Nkhata Bay North, on the shores of Lake Malawi. This remote region of 39,000 people has no electricity, no running water and is severely affected by the HIV & AIDS epidemic.

Temwa works to provide hope for the future among the people of Malawi by providing an infrastructure to support Malawian families facing financial and humanitarian hardship, creating partnerships and programs to equip the local population with the skills and resources to ensure ongoing health, education and financial stability for families and the wider community.

Now, the time has come once more to be challenged again…and this October, I will be cycling from London, to Paris in 4 days. This isn’t as easy as it sounds. The effort (and food!) it takes to power yourself and a bike nearly 300 miles is no walk in the park. Not to mention the task of preparing a derrière that is used to spending its days sitting in a comfy studio chair, to 4 days road riding in the saddle.

But it is worth it, as it is an incredibly small undertaking to help provide a better community for people much less fortunate than us. If you would like to donate anything at all, no matter how big or small, you can do so here.

 Many thanks, and much love!