Benztown Inc. 5000 Awards small

Guys, it Is me Andy, writing you from Washington DC. We are thrilled, that benztown scored a place on the Inc. 500/5000 list and we canb be part of this years conference and awards ceremony. I am looking forward to a great line up of inspiring personalities and speakers and also to meet two of my all time business heroes, entrepreneurs and artists Gary V. + the unbelievable Marc Ecko. This will be an unreal experience, but what has this all to do with Radio Imaging?

Nothing and EVERYTHING…Marc Ecko showed the world how far you could come as an artist and entrepreneur, if you truly believe in your art and have the ability to communicate well. I know there is so much great talent out there, so many of you reading this blog being incredibly talented and gifted. Do it like Marc or (on an a much smaller scale) like young Andy from Stuttgart, Germany. Believe in your art, try to grow, search a mentor, work hard and GET INKED!