Hi guys, it’s Andre.

Tab To Transient might be one of Pro Tools’ coolest features and is really dominating my way to navigate through audio while editing. This clever feature detects the transients (a short, high-amplitude sound at the beginning of a waveform) just by pressing Tab after activating it.

Tab To Transient

The second symbol from the left needs to be highlighted in blue, to have Tab To Transient activated.

But don’t always trust the digital luxury tool. This technique isn’t always perfectly accurate. Especially, when you’re doing pretty fine editing and need everything perfectly in place.

Below is an example:

Tab To Transient Distance

The left marker is the position where Tab To Transient sent me and the right marker is the actual start of the audio, so the selected area is just air.

Most of the time, Tab To Transient is a really cool feature, but don’t just rely on a transient finding algorithm while editing. Otherwise you might be bouncing out some air or wondering why some of your audio is not in time. When you’re doing important cut, always double-check Tab To Transient and see if it’s right.

Thanks and have a great weekend.

  1. che says:

    been on this one a couple of years now, probably the most used pt ‘find’ i’ve found, but beware cutting too much on vocals, not sure if you can adjust the sensitivity as a setting?

    • Hi Che,

      There is a way to edit the sensitivity of Tab To Transient. Enable Elastic Audio on the Track you want to use and place the Region you want to cut in there. Mark this Region and now switch the view from waveform to analysis. Click right on your marked region and click ‘Elastic Properties’. By turning down the Event Sensitivity from 100% to a lower value, tab to transient will work more sensitive and won’t cut that hard. Another useful tool for automatic cutting is Strip Silence. I’ve wrote a post about this one a while ago. http://benztownbranding.wordpress.com/2011/05/07/do-the-work-of-several-hours-in-a-minute-meet-strip-silence-andres-production-diary-part-15/

      Hope, I could help you.
      Thanks for visiting the blog and have a great day.

      • che says:

        cool thanks will give it a go, shame you cant adjust the sensitivity globally, I like to use it to grab loops and starts of impacts. I never really used strip silence, it looks kind of like an enhanced audio-suite noise gate, will give it a bash next time I have a long vo to edit


        • Yeah, that’s kinda circumstantial, but this would be a great feature for the next Pro Tools version.
          Nice to hear that. Let me know how it was to work with Strip Silence.


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