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YEAH back from hot Moscow, had a blast there, Sergey showed me around on Sunday and on Monday we straight went into Vocal Recordings.

1. PlugIn

Need some sound design elements? Check SoundMorphs new Reaktor ensemble “EvilTwin”. Seems like a nice tool for gritty concert stuff or trailer pieces! Krrz

2. Inspiration
ONE OF THE best produced radio shows on the web – I love their episodes! World Class!


3. Music
Will Griggs is on fire – not a lot to say about this awesome track. For all of you which are NOT Soccer fans: This is the smash of this years Euro Cup. Read more about the story behind here.

4. Web / Social / Whatever

A nice one from Seth Godin.

The problem with complaining about the system

…is that the system can’t hear you. Only people can.

And the problem is that people in the system are too often swayed to believe that they have no power over the system, that they are merely victims of it, pawns, cogs in a machine bigger than themselves.

Alas, when the system can’t hear you, and those who can believe they have no power, nothing improves.

Systems don’t mistreat us, misrepresent us, waste our resources, govern poorly, support an unfair status quo and generally screw things up–people do.

If we care enough, we can make it change.

5. Imaging
Some packages we did for Europa Plus in the past.. NEW one is coming!!!!

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