Trick or….Ryan “CHARLIE” Drean, the Benztown Country Imaging Expert, did a short audio tutorial about VO treatment for a fast and easy to do, but really useful and scary VO effect.  The treatment works  perfect for Halloween or a Horror scene and the best is you donz need fancy or ultra expensive plugINs for it.

Ryan used the KSCS Voice Over Talent to show you how to create a similar effect with your Voice Over Guy / Girl in seconds. Enjoy and Thanks to Ryan for sharing this first audio tutorial! I also add recent audio Ryan did for Benztown Country to give you an impession of his great work including his latest audio bits for Halloween!

  1. Good tip. Thanks Ryan. Also Wave’s Doubler/DarkFader or DarkFader’s Brother when tweaked has a nice effect.

  2. Matthieu says:

    Yeah great tips Ryan ! Cheers.

  3. good call @ chucker….i also like the doubler

  4. Joseph aka Josky says:

    Awesome tip!