The daily work out will be a plugIN based 5 minute exercise for unbelievable Pitch’n’Time Sound. Especially if you are into beatmixing or love Pitch- / Time Compression Effects on the Voice or Music you should definetly check out or (I bet you already did) check again Pitch’n’Time from Serato. One of the best tools to create really stunning Effects like Speed Ups, Slow Downs, Beatmatching, Beatmixing etc….

Exercise A: Load a Voice Track in your session. Open Pitch’n’Time from Serato. Use the Time Section first. Now also turn on the Pitch Section. If you want to create a linear effect you can use the fader Mode, to do a exponential Effect, use the graphical mode and play around! Nice, right!

Exercise B: Load A Music Track in your session and…..

For those who have no Serato Pitch’n’Time you can try to use elastic audio functions in ProTools 8 for a realted effect. More on that to come inPT2.

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