Sure you remember Paul Armstrong , our HotAC imaging director and former Head of Imaging for XFM in London. He is the award collector in our team, incredible talented and smart. Recently Paul added this baby.

While the radio summit, Paul stayed in Thailand and had a free business flight there. Check Paul’s latest audio, read what he is up to next and explore how he got upgraded for free.

First, the Free Upgrade –  easy. Just be smart, nice and wear a tailored suit make you look like a movie star. That’s what Paul did. Go try it.

Second, Paul’s latest productions – harder. Check this incredible piece of production for Ian Camfields new project : INFERNO

Format: Active Rock / Alternative
Where 11 still isn’t loud enough…
Inferno is a 2 hour weekly radio show playing the biggest and best rock music… with a strong emphasis on world famous guests and production that will drink you under the table – Jack Daniels of course.
The show is fast paced and hosted by UK radio personality Ian Camfield (former K-ROCK Drivetime and current XFM London Breakfast Show host)
If 102.7 KIIS FM LA liked guitars… this is what it’d sound like!

Third, Paul’s latest – almost impossible. Get more clients on benztown HotAC, then we have on our CHR service. Just kidding – Paul built something incredible over the last year. I cant announce yet, because it is still top secret, but in a few weeks you will know, why I think Paul is one of the smartest. He is a visionary, an inspiraton and I am happy working with guys like him to make the benztown family growing and change the Imaging world. The Young guns of Imaging are comingAre You Ready?

  1. Andrew says:

    Is Paul received the status of God yet ?

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