At the beginning, we introduced this blog to make a change in the Imaging World. My Goal was to share tricks and tipps, build an imaging community, feature great talents and give young guys the chance to learn. Until yet I am really thrilled with the amount of people checking out the blog, contributing content, are willing to improve and participate. The general impact the blog made in the imaging world blows me away. I am more than thankful for all the content, love and ideas you share, for your inspiration and for all the great new people, I got to know and whose become part of the Benztownbranding Blog family. THANK YOU SO MUCH, GUYS!

Until yet most of our post were classical blog posts including Audio, video tutorials, pics….UNTIL YET!

NOW it is time to check out a new technology to provide tricks and improve your skill set. Register NOW for the first ever Benztown Webinar with Imaging Rock Star Mike Santos, me and a secret imaging legend. Just send an email to:

Topic: Imaging Secrets – there is no…..?!

More Infos about Mike Santos: Mike runs his own blog , runs 3 major market stations in Denver and is a successful VO talent. He loves martial arts, soccer and since a few weeks he also diggs ProTools.

More infos about Andy

The date and all the infos will be announced in your confirmation email. Register here ( and get all the infos!

I am so looking forward to it!

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