Our jury was blown away by the impressive imaging skills of our contestants for Iron Imager 2013.  Thanks to all of you guys for submitting your great imaging to us. It was a great experience to hear so many people getting creative with the Benztown work parts. (Side Note from Andy: Especially to me, it was a pleasure to see how awesome the stuff works, we craft here everyday)

It was a hard decision and the voting was really really close, but finally we’re proud to present this year’s challenger – WPLJ’s Imaging Guru, Dan Kelly!

Dan is going to LA and will face the reigning champion, Paul Duffy in an epic imaging battle at this year’s AllAccess Worldwide Radio Summit. On Saturday, the 4th noon time, we will know who will be crowned Iron Imager 2013!

To get you in the mood for some upcoming imaging contest action, here are the submissions of our three top contestants:

  • 2nd Runner-up: Dan Hunt, Nova919, Adelaide, AUS

Now, it’s your turn to be the jury! What do you think about the guys’ imaging? Did our jury do a good job or do you have a different opinion?


B) Have a listen and tell us what you think about the best 3 pieces – get specific!

What do you think about the  production techniques used?

How creative / good was the creative scriptwriting?

What did you like about the Voice Over / The VO compression, Eq-ing etc.?

Comments and mails are welcome.

  1. Emmett says:

    Vishwanath has a transition between the LMFAO drop and the following listener drop that’s a thing of beauty.

  2. First off, Congratulations to the finalists!
    Correct me If I’m wrong but it sounds like they used material that was not part of the
    Benztown working parts.
    I thought that was a requirement to use ONLY the material provided?

  3. Frito says:

    Quality imaging stuff. I guess I was confused and didn’t think you were allowed to use anything other than the parts provided by Benztown and a VO person. So, no artist music or anything like that. Oh well. Good luck to the finalists!

  4. Abel Sanchez says:

    Contest rules state that ONLY work parts provided are to be use… I hear other work parts in the above. Not “hating” just pointing out unfair advantage.

  5. Abel Sanchez says:

    Contest Rules State that ONLY work parts provided by you are to be used… the above have parts that weren’t provided by you. Unfair advantage, NO?

  6. Jade says:

    Contest rules say that only work provided are to be used , so basically the winner broke the rules!

    • There were no songs in the ingredient packs this year, and we should have been clearer that by “no outside audio” we meant no outside workparts. Next year, we will be re-wording the contest rules to clarify that songs are fair game. We apologize for the confusion this may have caused, and we promise to do better next year.

  7. Abel Sanchez says:

    That being said… then should this years contest be judged with this years rules?

  8. Vishwanath B says:

    I love how wide the stereo image of Dan Kelly’s production is! Being as wide and still as fat is a mystery! Awesome work from Dan Hunt as well… Again, really fattened! Any chance of finding out if they use harmonics or eq on the music bed(s)?