This is a ANDY personal :

In the last months I recieved more and more session screen shots and session templates from readers and friends with stereo VO tracks as basic VO tracks to go from. I always did my basic VO tracks as mono tracks. Why do you use basic stereo VO tracks?



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  1. no reason at all to use stereo … (unless you would have a VO guy with 2 mouths !)

  2. Ratty says:

    I’m with you Andy always use mono for vo tracks 🙂

  3. Raúl says:

    well, u can always play around with panning and applying fx just on one single channel… Although i mainly use mono tracks for voiceovers…


  4. Matthieu says:

    Great subject because i’m all year long fighting with my students to teach them to use mono tracks for VO parts!

  5. Pedja says:

    Always in mono, except in Audition which better handles stereo tracks for some reason (tech guys from Adobe elaborated it on their forum while ago)
    Anyway, even then I do VO recordings in mono and then convert them to stereo when working on Audition multitrack session.

  6. Adam Venton says:

    Mono every time for VO, then use stereo for music and fx – I like to keep the message clear and do all my edits/crazy stuff etc in stereo around the central VO – treating it almost as an unshakeable foundation.

  7. Harry Legg says:

    I can’t speak for Audition since I’m a Pro Tools user – I always give mono VO trax to clients. Back in the days of reel to reel and carts, stereo VO always ran the risk of phase issues, one channel being louder than the other or even dropouts on just one channel – so, even back then mono was a good idea. None of those problems should exist with a DAW – mono files are faster to transfer to your client and they use less hard drive space. The VO will become stereo if you add a stereo plug-in effect on your mono track. I’m curious to know why Audition works best with stereo tracks… Also,slightly off topic but related – send a 320k mp3 or preferably the raw wav/aiff file for God’s sakes! Bandwidth is just not that big of an issue nowadays – sending 128k mp3’s is not acceptable in my book. Besides, you are already recording the wav or aiff file in the session – why convert it to an mp3? Just send the raw file!

    • Paul Duffy says:

      Morning gents,

      Audition user, always have my vo in mono. Sometimes vo would be recorded and left for me, sometimes that would be in stereo. As Harry said, I’d worry about phase issues so I’d bust it into mono.I have a quick question , some folk, working on pro tools, would use pairs of mono tracks, panned left and right, for music and fx. What would be the reasoning behind that. Only reason I’m asking is that you don’t have that option in audition.
      Cheers lads


      • Gday Paul. When editing hooks etc, paired mono tracks are super handy to get funky pan effects happening. Shift + Command + G disables all groups so you can work on an edit, and then turn it back on quickly. Plus I feel like it’s easier to see beats etc with two paired mono tracks!

  8. Alexander says:

    Hi all! Lead VO = mono, music beds and imaging fx – on stereo tracks…

  9. Dan Kelly says:

    My 4 v/o tracks in my template are all mono and EQ’d differently from each other….then they’re fed into an AUX in ProTools where they’re all compressed together (limited, technically with L1)….Apparently you can only make an AUX in stereo…but it really doesn’t matter in the session. I can’t see any reason why you’d record on a stereo track…just wastin space! You can do all the panning/etc on that mono track. And Harry is right…many tv/video producers want the AIFF or WAV, so if you can, send that…and save 1/2 the space by sending it mono! 🙂