In this Video Oli shows you how to remix a Katy Perry Ramp Loop or better said how to mix two loops with different tempos and beatmatch them with ProTools 8. You will also learn how to identify the beat proper and why we use the GRID Mode almost in every session. So, it was never as easy as today to create great beatmixes, remixes and other beatmatched stuff using elastic Audio and the GRID mode. Have fun while watching the video and send along your best beatmixes and I am gonna post them next week.

[vimeo 20387771]

  1. Raul Segura says:

    yeah, GREAT!

    That’s the basis of any beatching piece, real cool and fresh imaging audio for any radio station.. once known this basis, it’s only about letting your imagination flows…

    Thanks Oli and Andy! 🙂


  2. … ever heard of Ableton Live ? (you should, it’s German !) 🙂
    I’ll mail in some stuff we did in Live recently …
    “the beat goes on … and on … and on !”

  3. Pete says:

    Thanks for the great tutorial video Oli! Will be sending some beatmixes and even some remixes if it’s ok… Rockin’ 😉

  4. Matthieu says:

    Love that ! Working in grid mode & use automation is really a pro step. I will show your demo to my student producer in my school.

  5. Matthieu says:

    Another information about the video: the shortcut to enable automation in the Eq is ctrll+option+command on the keyboard & clic on the button you will control, then choice “enable automation”.

  6. the captain says:

    …and if u hit “ctrl+cmd”+left mouse click on the button, which is already automation enabled, ProTools will show u the automation curve at once (without choosing from the menu!) – that’s great!

    The Captain

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  12. Genial! Perfect! Thanks so much Friends.

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