My friend David Konsky did it again. After his awesome Return 2011 Promo, he created another piece of magic. There is not much stuff on air, which makes me freak out, but this piece does!

Check the short interview:

What was the brief for this spectacular beatmix promo ?I’d made a return promo for 2011 in similar fashion but only in a 30 second format with voice over. Half way of 2011 our PD wanted to showcase top 30 tracks so far and left it up to me to create magic. Brief was 30 songs in under 3 minutes.

How did you started such a massive project? I started with a list of 40-50 songs and established what would and wouldn’t work key wise and then put it together from there.

How long did it take? 4 – 5 hours in total.

Check a screen cap from David’s massive Session and listen to one best beatmixes ever !

  1. Eban says:

    This track is just really really really awesome ! Nice work David !

  2. Matthieu says:

    That’s really great… Are you using some software to identify keys matching or just your hears ? Anyway that’s sounds really cool ! Have a nice summertime.


    • Konsky says:

      Thanks Matthieu. I work both together with key matching and and what is fitting nicely together.

  3. Anders says:

    Great work!

    How do you get access to all the a cappellas?

    • Konsky says:

      Thanks Anders. Mix of acapellas sent from record companies, but mostly searching on the net and also filtering some parts in.

  4. Paul Duffy says:

    Ha Ha , Holy F**K. I would kill to watch this man work for a day

  5. Pete says:

    Heard this beautiful piece yesterday. About 50 times lol and I still can’t get enough…Wow!

  6. Raul Segura says:

    That’s magic David!! this is a masterpiece…

    really greeeeat work!

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  8. Pete says:

    Hey guys, check this out: 39 tracks in 3 minutes…mashed up live! This guy is unbeliveable…

  9. Pete says:

    Definitely… Overnight sensation with almost one million views in just one week. And this guy is only 17 years old!
    For those interested, he is playing on Novation Zero & Novation Paunchpad. Fun toys 🙂

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  13. soofuk says:

    Reblogged this on and commented:
    Probably one of the most amazing beatmatched mixes you’ll hear

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