Here’s a little Lady Gaga Dub Step Insanity Concert Promo,  I did for Benz CHR  – too far? Let me know?

What do you think about the switch between tension intro and bad boy beats ?


  1. Steve Mash says:

    Personally I think it’s a bit much….it doesn’t even sound like a Lady
    Gaga Concert!

  2. Dave D says:

    Since you asked… I think you might have gone a bit far on this one, it doesn’t sound at all like a Concert Promo….. Wouldn’t it make sense for a concert promo feature the music that made the Artist famous? What’s the thought behind not using her music in the Promo? I look forward to your response! thanks, – Dave

    • That is great feedback, i think it is awesome, that we discuss frontiers, especially for chr imaging and we try to push the limits…I used her music, but as i remixed it, it seems to be too different from the original one. I used born this way, which was a big hit and a remix of love game, where I placed some of the phrases of the song lets have some fun etc..on a dubstep beat from zedd. the second part is a lady gaga album release feat marylin manson…i think gaga live is an experinece and she is art as a person, so this is what i was trying to express. i wanted to express the live charakter right away at the start. seems it does not work as I expected…

  3. Jean-michel says:

    Great creative promo! I think Lady Gaga herself would like it. I would recommend producers to use it on Europa plus the biggest station in Russia! Good job guys !!

  4. Dave D says:

    Don’t get me wrong, the promo sounds very hot! Just not enough obvious Gaga Hits for my taste… If you tuned in after the first 20 seconds you’d have no idea it was a Gaga Concert Promo, no familar music or mention of Gaga…

    You guys are doing an amazing job! I look forward to your posts daily! Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Pedja says:

    I like thinking outside of the box. The promo works for me because it IS different from the ones we hear every day.
    Good job Andy!

  6. che says:

    this interested me cos i just made a gaga promo too. starts hot, good clips i luv the bed you made. i feel it clashes a bit with the vo over the ‘lets, lets, lets.. bit’.

    would make a great supafresh execution bed.

  7. send me an email..andy, you should still have my email, right or send to

  8. che says:

    oh yea! duh

    I just sent a link to blog@benztown