Most of you guys still know my buddy Mike Santos, Imaging Assasin at AMP in LA, Benztown’s HotAC Imaging Director and VO Artist for Benztown and various stations nationwide.

Mike sent me a little snapshot of 2012, including all the great stuff he has done so far!!!!!!

‘Here’s a quick composite of some stuff from this year (Amp, Carson Daly, Live955, KRXP, Benz) and the last promo I did when I was covering for Jake Kaplan at Amp.’

‘Also, here’s a screenshot for the “What’s That Sound” promo that’s in the middle of the composite.’

Thanks to Mike for sharing his audio and screenshot

  1. Jonny says:

    Nice production, but all that sound has got to wear out the listeners ears… Way to busy sounding… I was tired of listening after the first 30 seconds!

  2. Konsky says:

    Jonny – every market is different around the world and adopts a certain tone and feel. Santos this a great compile bud!

  3. Joseph says:

    I wish i could do that! Fantastic! To be honest i’d like him to mentor me. A rookie i am. Is easy konksy to get in touch with 2012 Imaging Genious?

  4. m santos says:

    thanks for kind words, konsky!,

    jonny – i hear ya mate, i appreciate the criticism.

    joseph – i’d be glad to help you out man. what’s the best way to get in touch?

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  6. Mojo Wilson says:

    Mike – Great Job! I too would love to get on that level. Kinda just teaching myself.