Multi Band Compressors is an often discussed topic in Radio Imaging and Music Production. I like using those on VO Aux tracks sometimes, because in my opinion it gives the VO a nice extra cut through (especially if you compress the high-end and mid frequencies). It is important your levels is right, so the Multi Band Compressor can work properly. I do this after compression and EQ-ing on a VO Aux Track to give some extra highlights. Please let me know, if this works with your session setup as well. My Favs are C4 and C6 and a L2 for peak catching afterwards. To me, this combo is easy to use and the waves stuff still has a really nice sound. Give your VO a nice extra…..!?

  1. Pedja says:

    Absolutely yes. I put it on VO bus in Audition, using built-in Izotope Multiband compressor. It’s great and gives that extra punch, or tightens up the voice with BIG sound 😉

  2. EJ Balboa says:

    it’s a must-have if you’re hell bent on talking up ramps without reducing ramp volume.

    nice reminder!


  3. Talal Malik says:

    I always apply a Multiband compressor on every VO in a session. In Adobe Audition I use the “broadcast” preset. Works perfect. I also just got Pro Tools 10 and I read somewhere that the Channel Strip plugin works magic.

  4. JAY says:

    Pedja, do you have an email address I can contact you at?