How often do I hear excuses,I can’t do this or this is not enough time, I don’t have the gear, I don’t have the right connections, it is not the right timing…Guys, let’s be honest, It is never the right time and everybody can find anything holding him back cross a barrier or do something challenging. Facebook was created with a laptop, so why would you need a certain plugIN bundle, Mac Version, Mixing Desk to create some MAGIC? Whiners find an excuse for any reason not doing something. So here is my story…

You might remember my post about Turbulence and my KIWI friend Chris Davis. Last week one of our writer cam up with a great idea to do a kind of female BOY Scout Song for our Turbulence Format and use a female VO rappin’ it…So, now comes the hard part… How many female does Chris have in his studio on a daily basis rappin’? You though right…ZERO! Check what he came up with by using his wife, Pro Tools and an evening full of LOVE :)…I salute you, Chris…

So, think creative, find solutions, cross boundaries, try new things…YOU CAN DO IT!


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  2. […] He’s teaching us that no gear can replace talent and creativity. There are a lot of producers out there, who can create magic with less tools, but more passion and creativity. Like my friend Chris Davis, who needed nothing else than Pro Tools and an evening with his wife to create this awesome piece for Turbulence. […]