WOW.. So many Iron Imagers in one post… The champs from 2012 till today. The World’s Best Imagers are back in the spot light!!! These guys all have one thing in common: They took on and WON THEIR IRON IMAGER BATTLE!!! Thanks for taking the time to answer all of my questions… Hope to see you at WWRS 2018 where reigning champ Brad is ready to defend his title against Contender Sam from Capital FM London!

Paul Duffy – Iron Imager I 2012, Today FM (Ireland)
Dan Kelly – Iron Imager II, III, IV 2013/14/15, WPLJ (New York)
Sideshow Mike Anderson – Iron Imager V 2016, Triple M (Sydney)
Brad Leask – Iron Imager VI 2017, Nova Entertainment (Melbourne)

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What a week, we launched a new Front End , we have the new CONTENDER for Iron Imager at WWRS – Sam Wickens from Capital and of course it is Friday. FIVER FRIDAY!


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It is official, here is the Contender! Guys, I am so proud to present one of the best guys out there taking it up against the champ Brad from last year’s Iron Imager. Brad vs. Sam. Aussie vs. Brit. Nova vs. Capital… Two highly talented youngsters from two leading CHR brands (Nova 100 & Capital FM) fighting for the title ‘World’s Best Imager’. They both sure can throw a punch! It will be a massive battle!!!

First off the Contender Basics:

Name: Sam Wickens
Age: 26
From: Hornchurch, Essex (Greater London)
Profession: Audio Production Assistant for Capital FM since January 2017












Check out what Sam has to say about Brad, his strategy to win and his secret advantage.

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WOW! Iron Imager 2018 is running for the 7th time and I know I keep repeating this, but the stack of candidates just gets better and better… It’s insane, so much good stuff – the most difficult decision process ever! That’s why this week’s the perfect excuse for your typical Fiver Friday post. 

I want to say A MASSIVE THANK YOU to everyone for your super awesome imaging submissions!!! Whilst buckling up for the Iron Imager contest at the 2018 Worldwide Radio Summit on May 3rd our team decided to honor the runners-up and a few submissions that stood out. Fantastic Stuff!

Check the official Contender press release here:

Now, let’s dive into it! Enter Sam, BT, Jonathan Young, Jordana Klein, Ryan Drean, Chris Longman and Sergey Zelentsov

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Drop by our Benztown boys and girls Chachi, Chris, Nadine and Kevin at the ENCO booth N3824 in the North hall & Central Lobby of the NAB Show!

We are thrilled by the awesome content created with the help of our libraries and fantastic VO talents!!! A huge personal thank you for submitting your super creative Imaging to us and for making the Iron Imager VII contest outstanding!!! HOLD YOUR HORSES!

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When I was in France for Le Radio lately I had the luck to meet the legendary PO, the creative mastermind behind the most successful French Urban Radio Station – SKYROCK! PO is a veteran of the Imaging world, who started his career as a DJ in 1982. His station count and personal track record is impressive and I am more than happy to share his thoughts about Imaging, Composing and Voice Over Work with you.

Check his short bio and then into the nitty gritty!


1982 to 1987: DJ (but don’t tell his mum!!)
1984 to 1987: Animator on different local and regional radios
1987 to 1989: Reporter at RFI, Journalist & Animator at FM Adventure
1989 to 1990: Animator at Maxximum
1990 to 1992: Animator & Producer at Fun Radio
1992: Producer and Author at NRJ
1993 to 1996: Director of Production and Author at Fun Radio
1996 to present: Director of Production and Composer Author at Skyrock
1998 to today: Composer and Arranger

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 LAST CALL for Iron Imager and HAPPY EASTER holiday weekend to y’all! 

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As you know we have always been big fans of all the iZotope products and Ozone stood out for me forever. So what’s the latest with Ozone 8?

Can you take your Imaging and Music Production to the next level with the Ozone 8 Advanced? I think yes, but we want to give you an overview of some of its new features, focusing on auto mastering, integrated reference tracks and PlugIn interconnection and communication. Making your Master sound better than ever!









Enter Ozone 8 ADVANCED!

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Finally got back to the office this week in great anticipation of Radiodays in Vienna next week – as to celebrating another Golden Era of Radio! See you guys there!!!


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