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So the next week has gone by and intense travel season is near. Singapore and BCA 2018 around the corner, LRT in Nuernberg, a NYC visit and and and…This weeks findings – pure AWESOMENESS!

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Another awesome week finished. Some Imaging goodness on Monday and a few great days at lago di garda. Italian radio – wow, what a pace in talk;)..

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Boom, another week is gone and with a bang. Since yesterday Izotope released the new version of Vocal Synth and from glancing at it briefly, it is a fantastic upgrade worth buying. So many new cool feature and I also think they improved the code behind the sound, so much clearer and precise now. More awesome stuff….ENTER!

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Guys, this was a death match :)…I never felt the decision has been so close. Brad and Sam created an Imaging firework within an hour with predefined elements they did not know – right that is the concept of Iron Imager, but it is incredibly complicated. After Sam got back to London in one piece after celebrating his title with Brad and the benz crew I took the chance to pick his brain about learnings, the LA experience and what might already have changed for him.

Sam, Congrats!!! Mate, I cant be happier as your story is kind of a modern fary tail.
Why, I just insert the FB post from Ash, so everyone understands Sam’s story a bit better.

After proving himself worthy of a fulltime job – today, he’s the winner of the Benztown Branding Iron Imager.

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So, we are back on track. Here is your weekly dose of FIVER.  Check the benz Royal Wedding Composite, whats going in the world of Text to Speech next level  and of course did I mention the Royal Wedding…


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Sorry, sorry, sorry – due to the Iron Imager Insanity last week I skipped one edition of your beloved Fiver Friday :)..Why? I feel Sam, our new Iron Imager deserved all the attention in the world as well as Brad. Both guys pulled a fantastic promo in one hour and I am incredibly proud of them. So, this week I am digging into some nice new stuff for you this Monday and back to normal on Friday 🙂 in Episode 134!!!!!

1. PlugIn

I found some awesome offers on the Izotope page last week and as a fan of Izotope products I highly recommend to check out the offers on their websites. Vocal Synth 2 and Creative Suite is coming later this month!

iZotope Deals

2. Inspiration

One of my best friends in the biz and a constant inspiration for trying new things, creating outstanding work and an incredible talented director – Harris, we love you bro!










3. Music

90s HipHop is my thing – dont laugh, this is the real SH**T

4. Web/Social/Whatever

This is one of the best documentaries I have seen in 2018. It is not new and if you have not seen it yet, I highly recommend it!!

5. Imaging

Some new stuff out of Oli’s kitchen here in Stuttgart. FM 1 – forever YOUNG – this package has been the first jingle production together with Jan , of whom I am really proud stepping up constantly. 

Capital FM London’s Sam Wickens!!!!!

You come at the King… you best not miss…  

For the third straight year; the challenger has not missed. 

In what can only be described as “Sweet Revenge” (our words not his) for the most recent Ashes, London’s Sam Wickens is taking home the coveted Benztown Iron Imager belt by defeating last year’s winner, Sydney Australia’s Brad Leask.

Click HERE to check out our Facebook page and watch videos of the winner’s announcement, videos of the two Imaging Idols going head to head, and also our camera crew’s defiant use of vertical video.

Take a listen to Sam’s winning entry:

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IRON IMAGER VII: Readers Vote!

Posted: 3rd May 2018 by benztownbranding in Uncategorized

Benztown fans… We hope you enjoyed today’s live stream from WWRS hosted by R.Dub. Check out Benztown on Facebook if you missed it. Thanks again for being a part of this year’s Iron Imager contest. The winner will be announced tomorrow (5/4) at 10:30am PT following the Iron Imager pow-wow at the top of the spiral staircase @ the W Hollywood.

Before you vote for your favorite… Did someone say something about a hype video?!



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