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Merry Christmas and thanks for all your support this year, thanks for everyone who took the time to connect, chat, has written guest posts, created awesome work, got up and made hits station sound awesome..I appreciate all of you and all your input.

This blog would not be without you and it is unbelievable we do this for 10 years here !!!!!

Merry Christmas from all of us here at Benztown and to a great 2020!!!!


Everyone at the office is busy finishing up the year, it’s been a great ride! Have a look at what i found for you guys this week :)..and if we dont speak!!! MERRY XMAS!

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cans4cans – You wear cans, we donate!!

Posted: 14th December 2019 by benztownbranding in General



If you could help with below we would greatly appreciate it!

This week, Benztown launched the 6th annual #Cans4Cans, a social media-driven food drive to support the Los Angeles Food Bank. The concept is simple – post a photo of yourself wearing headphones to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #cans4cans, and Benztown will donate 1 can of food on your behalf.

We would sincerely appreciate your participation in support of our cause, and if you would ask your friends/followers to participate as well, we’d be so grateful. For more info, please see the attached press release, or click here. Thank you!


1 more week to go until all of us get our well deserved time off! Today is the christmas party here at the office, so let’s quickly get into this week’s findings 🙂 

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2 more weeks to go here in the office until all of us get our well deserved time off around christmas! Let’s quickly get into this weeks findings for another edition of Fiver Friday!

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Image by Jan Alexander from Pixabay 

Yesterday I read a really great article about data driven marketing and thought about it in terms of how to break this down for what we do:
ON AIR MARKETING (of course with some nice bings and bangs, stutters, vocoders…:)

Here is 5 ideas you should think about when creating magic.
I break them down into 2 steps:


What does your data tell you about how your listeners behavior?

Why do they do that?

2. CONNECT THE DATA to actions

What’s frustrating or annoying about that? Can we name the enemy standing in the way?

How can we help?

What do we name this new reality? How do we tell people about it?

Let me know what you think? 

Cheers, Andy


Since it’s Black (Fiver) Friday, we collected the 5 best plugin sales and offers from all major plugin suppliers for you. We wish you happy shopping and a happy thanksgiving in case you’re from the US!

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Here we go again, it’s time for another fiver friday – check out this week’s findings! 

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Everyone’s busy here at the office since Christmas is approaching fast, so let’s quickly get into this weeks findings! 

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Dave is one of Australia’s most hidden secrets, a mastermind for all imaging. He works closely with Benztown’s Matt Anderson to create the best custom imaging for stations around the globe. I met Dave a while ago when an old friend introduced me to him. Thanks Daryl ! You are a rock star, too! Now it was time for a catch up! Learn about Dave’s session setup, what plugins he loves and how many Rubik’s Cubes can be put on one speaker :)! Enter Dave!

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