I don’t use this word very often, but this time I have to. Attached you hear a MASTERPIECE, a true MASTERPIECE of IMAGING (Perfect music, perfect  interview material, technically perfect etc…) It is the story of Kristian Anderson. A brave man fighting cancer, knowing he could only extend his live and would not be able to win the battle. It is a celebration of live and showcases the heart of a warrior, the heart of a man on a mission. A man, who wants to make people aware! Bowel Cancer is a preventable disease – go and get tested every year.

My friend Michael “Sidey” Andersen put together this remarkable promo. (Sidey is also the winner of this years RAP Awards)

R.I.P. Kristian

  1. Paul Duffy says:

    SUCH a powerful piece.Sidey that must have been hard to make mate.Fair play.

    Thoughts with Kristians family.

  2. Joseph bogere aka josky says:

    Amazing! I love it