Raul Segura is one of the many imaging talents, I met through this blog. Inspired by our blog and its success, Raul started his own Spanish imaging blog to share his experiences with the Spanish-speaking imaging society! Raul, I love the idea and your dedication. Guys, pls check and leave Raul a comment.


Raul shares imaging tricks, techniques and inspirational audio to the Spanish imaging community and for one of his first posts, he managed to get the best of the best.

We’re honored to be mentioned with some of the greatest talents in the business like Dave Foxx, Matt Nikolic, David Konsky, Brendan Tacey and many more.

Check out the work of the Imaging Dream Team collected by the new upcoming blogging superstar : RAUL!

It’s great to know that there are other dedicated bloggers out there, it’s always a big win for the imaging community.

Best wishes to Raul and his blog. Keep on rockin!

  1. Thanks so much for this post, guys, really appreciated…

    As you said, I think that it’s not easy to find imaging blogs like yours for spanish speaking people… so I thought I’d be a good idea launching my own one.. and here it is!! I hope everyone likes it.. !


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